CASE Workshop Schedule

Fall 2014 CASE Workshop Schedule

CASE sessions will be offered during the Fall semester with Professor Jennifer Carr and DeShun Harris.  Each session will be held on Tuesday evening (for night students) and will repeat Thursday afternoon (for day students).  


The sessions will be held in the following rooms at the designated times, unless otherwise noted:

Tuesday: 8:20-9:20 p.m. in Room 112

Thursday: 1:00-1:50 pm in Room 110


Note-taking; Time Management; Learning Theory

These three short videos are designed to assist you with the first days of classes. Visit the ASP TWEN page to access these videos.

August 26 & 28

Reading & Briefing Cases I

Learn how to read faster and retain more as you read and brief cases.


September 2 & 4

Reading & Briefing Cases II

Create a brief that accurately states the holding, narrows the issue statement, and is outline-ready.


September 9 & 11  

Study Groups & Study Aids

Gain an edge by forming study groups that are productive and by properly using study aids to gain clarity


September 16 & 18

Traditional Outlines

Learn why outlines are important, why you should create your own, when you should create one, how to make it exam-specific, and how long it should be.


September 23 & 25

Nontraditional Outlines

Learn to create outlines using more than words—flowcharts, mind maps, charts, and more.


September 30 & October 2

Writing with Style

Become a better editor of your legal writing assignments.


October 7 & 9

Analysis: Logic for Exams & LP

Developing the analytical tools necessary to answer essay exams and write legal writing assignments


Exam Series:

Exam Writing Workshops

This four part series will answer these questions and more!

- How are law school exams graded?

- What types of questions can be asked?

- How many practice exams should I do?

- Do I have to use “buzzwords” in my answer?


October 21 & 24


How to write an exam answer


October 28 & 30

Practice Exams

How to get the most out of your practice exams


November 4 & 6

What Not to Write

How to distinguish good essay writing from poor essay writing


November 18 & 20

Mock Exam

Take an exam and have your answer analyzed