Law School Calendar

Here you can see what is going on at the Law School.

Events listed in BLUE are standard classroom assignments or exams. Events listed in RED are public events and events listed in GREEN are inhouse events specifically designated for Faculty, Students or Staff.Events listed in Yellow are Committee Meetings. Events listed in Purple are Faculty Only Events. Events listed in Orange are Web Only Events.Events listed in Brown are events hosted by Outside Organizations in the Law School.

Daily Calendar

Format: 07/02/2015

Tuesday, May 7 2013

Info Desk 101 102 105 106 110 112 117 203 151 Moot Court Conf Room 220 234 323 Clinic 116 Clinic 121 316
Proper Proper
Law Law
521-10 521-10
Pindel Proper Proper Birdso
Law Law
521-10 521-10
Pindel Birdso
Busine Sales Proper Alumni
Organi and Law Associ
Law Leases 521-10 monthl
626-10 Law Sales Greenb Proper Busine board
Anders 637-10 and Law Organi meetin
Markel Leases 521-10 Law
Law Greenb 626-10
637-10 Anders