PILA - Summer Grant

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Available for Students Who Choose to Engage in Public Interest Work over the Summer

How Much: Up to $5000 for 8 weeks of work for a minimum of 320 hours.

Eligible Public Interest Jobs: Work at Non-Profit or Government agencies representing underserved or indigent populations; Legal in nature/preferably under the supervision of an attorney.

NOT eligible:Any work for a partisan group or a group closely associated with a candidate or contending faction in an election for public party office; work where the political affiliation/support/ or affinity of the student is a prerequisite for employment; work for a judge (including ALJs); work to be performed for an elected official other than as part of the regular administration of federal, state or local government; work for a for-profit law firm; work for academic credit.

Other Eligibility Requirements: Must be in Good Standing & Not have Graduated Prior to Completing Work at the Funded Position; Must have donated at least 5 hours of Service to PILA.


Applications and FAQ sheet are available on our PILA TWEN site under Member Documents