Rebecca Scharf

Associate Professor of Law
Phone: 702 895-2356
B.A. magna cum laude, Brandeis University
J.D., Harvard Law School



Child Care in New York City: Know Your Rights – An Information and Resource Manual (Welfare Law Ctr. 2001).



Rebecca Scharf, Psychological Parentage, Troxel, and the Best Interests of the Child, 13 Geo. J. Gender & L. 615 (2012).

Rebecca Scharf, No 1L Left Behind: Tailoring IRAC Instruction to Various Learning Styles, Second Draft, Spring 2008, at 17.

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Commentaries, Essays, and Reviews

Barbara Coccodrilli Carlson & Rebecca Scharf, Lost in the Maze: Reforming New York City’s Fragmented Child Care Subsidy System (Feb. 2004) (unpublished manuscript, on file with the Welfare Law Center).


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