Fast Facts

Collections and Holdings

  • More than 350,000 volumes and more than 200,000 titles
  • Access to more than 200 commercial online databases
  • Federal, legislative, judicial, and administrative materials, current and historical
  • Legislative, judicial, and administrative materials from 50 states
  • Jurisprudence from foreign countries
  • International treaties and related documents
  • Special collections of documentary films focusing on social justice and human rights, popular films reflecting the image of the lawyer in society, self-help materials for the public


  • 53,632 square feet in two buildings
  • 317 seating spaces

Library Faculty and Staff

  • Six professional librarians with both JDs and graduate degrees in library or information science
  • One professional librarian with a graduate degree in library science
  • One professional administrator
  • Three circulation paraprofessionals
  • Three acquisitions, serials processing, and collection management paraprofessionals

Circulation and Access

  • Supports the circulation of more than 3700 books annually
  • Provides borrowing privileges to nearly 500 public patrons
  • Lends nearly 150 books annually to libraries within and outside of the state

Research and Reference

  • Answers more than 1600 reference questions from students and the public annually
  • Supports more than 300,000 student logins to research databases annually
  • Supports more than 600 logins annually by the public on publicly accessible computers
  • Provides reference service (in person, by phone, and by email) to the law school community and the public 65 hours/week
  • Provides individual and group instruction in legal research resources and methods
  • Provides current awareness information to faculty and students
  • Monitors scholarly resources and new developments in federal and state jurisprudence
  • Supports educational technologies at the law school

Instruction and Outreach

  • Provides research instruction in classroom and informal settings to law students and UNLV undergraduate and graduate students
  • Supports more than 4000 hours of instruction in legal research databases by vendors
  • Undertakes tours and overviews of the collections to groups affiliated and unaffiliated with UNLV