Boyd Offers Free Legal Education Classes on Community Law Day

Thu, 08/23/2012

The UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law held its 3rd Annual Community Law Day on Aug. 18.

The on-campus event, which was free and open to the public, featured a series of free legal education classes and helped 176 people this year, according to Associate Dean Christine Smith.

“I think it went great this year. The turnout of the community was a lot better than when we were taking [the legal classes] on the road,” Smith said.

Nevada Legal Services and the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada partnered with the Boyd School of Law on the program. The event was further supported and attended by students, faculty, staff and alumni.

The event offered seven classes, including one on Family Law that was taught in Spanish. Additionally, all class materials were made available in Spanish.

Other classes included Bankruptcy, Family Law – Divorce, Guardianship, Small Claims/Tenants’ Rights, Family Law – Paternity/Custody, and Foreclosure: What Are Your Options.

Smith said that the preparation for the event was mostly getting the word out to the public.

“The biggest task was advertising and organizing the volunteers,” she said.

Individuals who attended the classes were allowed to apply for pro bono assistance while there. Over the last 14 years, Boyd-sponsored legal education classes have helped more than 45,000 people in the community.

Smith said she hopes to keep the attendance figures high and growing.

"We are the state's law school, and we take seriously our commitment to the community," she said in a press release. "Making sure that our students learn, early on, how important lawyers can be to people in need is one of our key missions, and we're so glad that our students can work hand-in-hand with alumni and with attorneys with our community partners—Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada and Nevada Legal Services—on this important project.”


Below is a list of volunteers at this year’s Community Law Day:

Michael Alires 
Emily Anderson 
Elias Askins 
Danielle Barraza 
Krystopher Benyamein 
Bailey Bortolin 
Brady Briggs 
Sean Daly 
Lauren Davis 
Katie Derjavina 
Pauline England 
Tanya Fraser 
Genevieve Generaus 
Kylee Gloeckner 
Laure Guidry 
Saira Haseebullah 
Rami Hernandez 
Kyle Hoyt 
Lawrence Ita 
Stephen Jackson 
Kerry Kleiman 
Kostan Lathouris 
Robert Loftus 
Geordan Logan 
Virgilio Longakit 
Maria Menchaca 
Victoria Mullen 
Erica Nannini 
Michelle Newman 
Michelle Nisce 
Michiko Nozawa-Joffe 
Joseph Peacock 
Jessica Perlick 
Shannon Phenix 
Shaina Plaksin 
Keivan Roebuck 
Shaun Rose 
Jason Sadow 
Neil Sansone 
Zacchary Sayer 
Tasha Schwikert-Warren 
Gregorio Silva 
Doug Smith 
Michael Smith 
Casey Stiteler 
Elijah Tredup 
Michael Van Luven 
Brian Vasek 
Allison Vitangeli 
Edward Wynder 
Jonathan Yu 
Elena Zarubo 

Kris Bergstrom 
Lynn Etkins 
Silvina Gimenez 
April Green 
Dawn Miller 
Susan Myers 
Christine Miller 
Arlene Rivera 

Faculty and Staff 
Catherine Bacos 
Betty Campbell 
Tera Hodge 
Kay Kindred 
Francine Lipman 
Cliff Marcek 
Derrick Minor 
Angela Morrison 
Michael Hua 
Jean Whitney