Saltman Center for Conflict Resolution Presents: Brian Jarrett, University of Alaska

02/22/2013 - 12:15pm

Improving the Criminal Justice System for Native Alaskans from the Ground-up



Dr. Jarrett is a sociologist and lawyer who researches and practices mediation and restorative justice in Alaska.  He has an eclectic practice.  He is currently helping a Native Alaskan school design its own restorative program in Fairbanks.  He recently mediated the collective bargaining agreement between the Fairbanks-Northstar School District and the Teachers Union.  He helped design the EEO mediation program at the University of Alaska and mediates EEO cases and work-fairness cases for the University of Alaska.  He has also worked as a restorative-justice facilitator and continues to explore useful applications in restorative justice.