Application Information for U.S. Students

Eligibility for U.S. Students to Apply

This program is open to Boyd law students who have completed their first year of law school, as well as to students enrolled in other graduate programs at UNLV. We encourage applicants from other disciplines, as human rights work is inherently interdisciplinary. All applicants will be required to pay the law school tuition rates, regardless of their field of study.

Credits for U.S. Students
Boyd law students will receive 5 credits for the following:

  • Participating in a reading group with Professor Marouf during the Fall semester to learn background information and prepare for the fieldwork
  • Three weeks of intensive fieldwork in India
  • Writing project-related work (such as human rights reports or briefs) in the Spring semester after returning from India
Program Cost for U.S. Students
Students who have established Nevada residency will pay the standard fee of $854 per credit hour, or $4,270 for a 5-credit course. Out-of-state students will be pay the per credit rate for non-resident tuition. This fee for the winter intersession course is separate from regular tuition. In addition, students are responsible for paying for their own round-trip flights to Delhi (approximately $1,700-$2,200) and for their own room and board in Delhi. The housing will be prearranged for the group. The cost of room and board is approximately $800-$1,200.


India requires US citizens to obtain a visa before traveling. Students who are accepted to the program will be given specific instructions about applying for visas. Each student is individually responsible for applying for a visa and paying the application fee ($76 for a six-month entry).

Application Materials and Deadline

Please email your application to Professor Fatma Marouf at no later than Oct. 1, 2014. The application should include the application form, unofficial transcript, statement explaining why you want to participate in the program, and resume.  Applicants will be accepted on a rolling basis and are encouraged to apply early. There is no application fee.

Application Form

Program Application