CLE: Is School Funding Fair in Nevada?

03/06/2014 - 12:00pm
Thomas and Mack Moot Court Facility

Approved for 2 CLE credits.

Dean Daniel Hamilton, William S. Boyd Law School, UNLV
Associate Dean Randy Boone, College of Education, UNLV


  • David Sciarra, Executive Director of the Education Law Center
  • Ruben Murillo, President of the Nevada State Educators Association
  • Staci Pratt, Legal Director, ACLU of Nevada
  • Senator Moises Denis, Majority Leader of the Nevada State Senate and Chair of the Task Force on K-12 Public Education Funding

Sylvia Lazos, Justice Myron Leavitt Professor of Law, William S. Boyd School of Law

Closing Remarks
Tod Story, Executive Director, ACLU of Nevada

Light refreshments will be served starting at 11:30 AM.

Description of Panel
Public school districts have had to brace for a series of budget cuts that has left most school districts underfunded.  The third Edition of the National Report Card authored by the Education Law Center compares the fairness of school finance systems across the country, and finds that Nevada fares the worst in terms fairness, defined as whether a state finance system can ensure equal education opportunity by providing sufficient level of funding to account for needs generated by student poverty.  Professor David Sciarra will explain the principles and methodology of this report that ranks Nevada last.  Staci Pratt, the legal director of ACLU of Nevada, will provide an assessment as to whether the current Nevada Plan meets Nevada's constitutional standards.  Ruben Murillo will explain the Nevada Plan, and whether it is fair to Nevada's children.  Finally, Senator Moises Denis, chair of the Task Force on K-12 Public Education Funding, will explain the Task Force's work plan to study and review the Nevada Plan.

You can read the report, Is School Funding Fair?  at


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