Programs and Workshops

To participate in any of these programs, contact the Career Development Office at (702) 895-2326.

Below are our regular programs and workshops held each academic year.

The SUCCESS Series
This Series brings prominent practitioners to the Law School to speak with students about their unique career paths. This is an excellent opportunity for students to learn about new practice areas and to network with local practitioners.

Rising Star Speakers Series
This Series brings more recent Boyd alumni to the Law School to speak with students about their career paths.

Practical Skills Workshops
These workshops cover the nuts and bolts of developing a strong resume and cover letter, preparing for interviews, and identifying networking opportunities.

First-Year Student/Attorney Mentor Program
The First-Year Student/Attorney Mentor Program promotes professionalism among first-year Boyd students as they make the transition into the legal profession. Additionally, the Mentor Program affords students the opportunity to become exposed to an area of practice that is of interest to them.

Professional Development Fellowship Program
The program provides diverse second-year, full-time and third-year, part-time students of the Law School with an educational experience by pairing them with local legal employers with a long-term goal of increasing diversity in their hiring and retention. Students are provided with challenging and rewarding assignments designed to build practical legal skills.