Student Bar Association

Welcome to the Student Bar Association

The purpose of the Student Bar Association (SBA) Executive Board and Board of Governors is to act as a means for student self-governance. It provides an effective medium for the expression of student views and serves as a liaison between students, faculty, and administration. The SBA also sponsors such activities as may be deemed beneficial to the Law School community and specifically to the students.

2014-2015 SBA Executive Board and Board of Governors

President Brianna Lamanna
Vice President (Day Division)
Keith J.D. Hightower
Vice President (Evening Division)
Jessica Gandy
Treasurer: Steven "JT" Washington
Executive Secretary: Marta Kurshumova
4L Rep P/T Candice Barker
3L Rep F/T Katherine Frank
3L Rep P/T Heather Caliguire
2L Rep F/T Tim Revero
2L Rep P/T Sheila Tajbakhsh
1L Rep F/T - Day Section 1  
1L Rep F/T - Day Section 2  
1L Rep P/T  

See the calendar below for school-wide events! Also, check out our Facebook page for the latest on events hosted by the SBA, or sign up for our Twitter feed to get news as we release it.