Student Bar Association

Welcome to the Student Bar Association

The purpose of the Student Bar Association (SBA) Executive Board and Board of Governors is to act as a means for student self-governance. It provides an effective medium for the expression of student views and serves as a liaison between students, faculty, and administration. The SBA also sponsors such activities as may be deemed beneficial to the Law School community and specifically to the students.

2014-2015 SBA Executive Board and Board of Governors

President Brianna Lamanna
Vice President (Day Division) Keith J.D. Hightower
Vice President (Evening Division) Jessica Gandy
Treasurer: Aryan "AJ" Torres
Executive Secretary: Marta Kurshumova
4L Rep P/T Candice Barker
3L Rep F/T Katherine Frank
3L Rep P/T Heather Caliguire
2L Rep F/T Tim Revero
2L Rep P/T Sheila Tajbakhsh
1L Rep F/T - Day Section 1 Stephanie Glantz
1L Rep F/T - Day Section 2 Angela Lee
1L Rep P/T Carmen Gilbert


If you have any questions about the SBA or student life, please feel free to email the SBA Board at