Free Bar Preparation Services

This Summer, Boyd School of Law will be providing a series of Bar Examination Workshops free of charge for all graduating students and alumni. These workshops provide strategies for the different components of the bar exam and will be complemented by a weekly distribution of practice problems. A mock bar exam will be offered in the weeks leading up to the exam itself.

Early bar preparation increases your chances of passing the bar. Whether you are planning to take the Nevada Bar or another state’s bar, please consider taking advantage of the Bar Workshops being offered.

Spring 2020 Programming

Date & Location Program Presenter Description

March 27, 2020

Introduction to the Nevada Bar Exam

Prof. Jennifer Carr

This program provides the fundamentals of what to expect on the bar exam and things you can start doing today to increase your chances of passing the bar exam.

March 6, 2020

Zen of Bar Passage

Prof. Chad Noreuil

Professor Noreuil, author of the book, The Zen of Passing the Bar Exam, is a bar exam expert who will talk about how to deal with bar study in a practical manner. His lecture will offer information on how to approach the bar exam, study, commercial bar prep courses, and anxiety during bar exam study.

Week of May 18, 2020

Passing the MBE

Prof. Joan Howarth

Professor Howarth is a visiting professor at Boyd who has decades of bar preparation experience as well as a wealth of knowledge regarding substantive bar topics. She will show you how to answer multiple-choice questions through a substantive torts lecture.

Week of May 18, 2020

MPT Strategies and Approach

Prof. Joe Regalia

Professor Regalia has taught legal writing and bar exam prep for law schools, law firms, and organizations across the nation. In this interactive lecture he will cover the ins and outs of the multistate performance test (MPT), including strategies for acing each permutation of this test that the bar examiners might throw at you.

Week of May 18, 2020

Essay Strategies and Preparation

Mary Goza, Esq.

Mary Goza served as Vice President and Director of BarBri's Nevada course, and she has been teaching Nevada bar essay writing workshops for over two decades. In this lecture, she'll provide strategies to ensure examinees are proving their competence to bar graders.

The February 2020 bar exam programming schedule:

Date Time Location (BSL) Topic


Email N/A Practice Essay Distribution
1/3/20 Email N/A Practice Essay Distribution
1/4/20 9 AM 203 Introduction to the Bar Exam/ Introduction to the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE)
1/11/20 Email N/A Practice Essay Distribution
1/11/20 9 AM 203 Bar Exam Essay Basics
1/18/20 Email N/A Practice Essay & MPT Distribution
1/18/20 9 AM 203 Multistate Performance Test Basics
1/20/20 TBD TBD NV Board of Bar Examiners Guest Speakers
1/24/20 Email N/A Practice Essay Distribution
1/31/20 Email N/A Practice Essay Distribution
2/1/20 8 AM 110 NV Mini Bar Exam
2/7/20 Email N/A Practice Essay Distribution
2/8/20 9 AM 203 Improving MBE Techniques
2/15/20 Email N/A Practice Essay & MPT Distribution
2/15/20 9 AM 203 Improving Essay techniques
Bar Exam
02/25/2020 - 02/27/2020
Set by Nevada Board of Bar Examiners

Individualized Tutoring

The Academic Success Program will provide individualized and small group tutoring for the bar exam.  If you are interested in individualized tutoring with the Academic Success Program, please contact Kelly Boan at 702-895-0490 or via email at to schedule a meeting with Professor Sydney Lisy.