Frequently Asked Questions about the Academic Success Program and CASE

  • What can the Academic Success Program do for me?  

    The Academic Success Program assists in removing barriers to your success in law school by reviewing past exams, giving sample exams, evaluating your study habits, addressing time management and stress management issues, and helping you evaluate your learning style.  Sydney Lisy, Director of the ASP program, is available for individualized appointments.  Additionally, the Academic Success Program frequently offers workshops covering skills essential to success in law school.  See the schedule of upcoming workshops at

  • What about CASE (the Center for Academic Success and Enrichment)?  

    The Academic Success Programs peer-to-peer component is called CASE.  CASE Mentors are upper-level students trained in providing individualized academic assistance to other law students.  CASE is located in room 313A (in the library).

  • How do I make an appointment?  

    CASE Mentors are available most days-and evenings. Walk in if they’re free, but you can also get an appointment for a specific day or time. CASE mentors can be reached at Sydney Lisy, Director, see students by appointment. To make an appointment, contact Kelly Boan. Kelly's email is:, and her telephone number is 702-895-0490. You'll need to let Kelly know what it is you want to discuss (this will help to make sure we're prepared when you arrive) and give her your contact information.

  • I want someone from the Academic Success Program or CASE to review work product.
    How far in advance should I turn it in?  

    Work product includes, for example, an answer to a practice exam you’d like us to look over or an LP paper that needs review. Please email (or drop off) your work product at least 24 hours prior to your appointment with Sydney Lisy, or a CASE mentor.

  • Where can I get sample essay questions?  

    There's a carousel of questions near the ASP suite, but feel free to ask for any essay question you don’t see out. 

  • I’m a night student. When can I access the Academic Success Program?  

    CASE Mentors are available some evenings and weekends, just check their hours at or their hours are posted outside the CASE office.  Professor Lisy will take night or weekend appointments as well, just drop Kelly an email or give her a call and ask.

  • I don’t want an actual appointment, I just want you to comment on my paper. Will you do it?  

    Sure, send your paper to us and we’ll take a look at it. Be aware that there may be a delay, depending on how busy the program is, so be sure to include the due date if applicable.