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Database available to the UNLV community and to users on the UNLV campus.

Law School Bldg Only Database available to the Law School Community and to users in the Law School buildings.

Password Required Database available to Law School faculty, staff, and students only.


 Academic Search Premier - Provides access to peer-reviewed articles from academic and professional journals and magazines covering almost every academic discipline. 

 American Indian Law Collection - Includes treaties, legislative histories, federal statutes and regulations, federal case law, tribal codes, constitutions, and jurisprudence related to American Indian Law.

Bloomberg Law - Includes a wide variety of practitioner-oriented current information, as well as practice guides, analyses of recent developments, and primary and secondary authorities from state, federal, and foreign jurisdictions.  Individual practice centers focus on professional responsibility, antitrust, banking and finance, e-discovery, bankruptcy, labor and employment, corporate law, environmental law, health law, intellectual property, international trade, privacy and data security, securities, technology, and tax.  Also includes U.S. Law Week.  


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CALI - Provides online instructional aids, practice exams, study materials for law school course topics. Contact Lena Rieke (; 702-895-2401) for password information.

Cambridge Journals Online - Provides access to the full text of over 220 peer-reviewed academic journals covering a variety of disciplines. 

CIAO: Columbia International Affairs Online – Includes working papers, research projects, conferences proceedings, books, journals and policy briefs relating to international affairs.

 Edward Elgar Journals - Provides access to the following journals: (1) Asia Pacific Journal of Environmental Law; (2) Cambridge International Law Journal; (3) Competition Law Journal; (4) Interactive Entertainment Law Review; (5) Journal of Human Rights and the Environment; (6) Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property; and (7) select volumes of the Renmin Chinese Law Review.

 Encyclopedia of Law and Religion - Provides articles on the relation between law and religion in most countries. Articles provide information on the role of religion in society, the relations between religion and state institutions, freedom of religion, legal aspects of religious traditions, the interaction between law and religion, and other issues at the junction of law, religion, and state.

 Environment and Energy Daily - Covers legal, legislative, and regulatory developments in the areas of environmental and energy law.

 Factiva - Provides full text access to Dow Jones publications, the Wall Street Journal, Barron's, Boston Globe, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, and industry and company reports.

 Fastcase - Includes federal and state primary authorities. Fastcase is made available free of charge to members of the Nevada Bar.

 Foreign & International Law Resources Database - Includes the publications of the American Society of International Law along with prominent Yearbooks from around the world, including the Hague Permanent Court of International Justice series. It also includes U.S. Law Digests, International Tribunals/Judicial Decisions and more. 

 Foreign Law Guide - Offers information on sources of foreign law (about 190 jurisdictions), including bibliographic citations to legislation, the existence of English translations, and selected references to secondary sources. 

GenderWatch - Provides access to publications on gender issues. International publications as well as reports, pamphlets, papers, and conference proceedings devoted to gender issues.

Google Scholar - Provides access to peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, preprints, abstracts and reports from many academic and technical fields.

Govinfo - Provides full-text access to Congressional Record volumes from 140 (1994) to the present, United States Code, Code of Federal Regulations, Federal Register, presidential papers, and a wide variety of federal legislative and administrative materials.

 Greenwire – Focuses on legal, legislative, and regulatory developments in the area of environmental law.

 HeinOnline - Provides PDF versions of federal legislation and regulatory materials, state session laws, foreign and international law materials, law review articles (from the first issue), moot court competition materials, and more.

 History of Bankruptcy: Taxation and Economic Reform in America - Includes legislative histories, treatises, and documents related to bankruptcy law in America. It also includes classic books dating back to the late 1800s and links to scholarly articles that are related to the study of bankruptcy in America. 

 Immigration Law & Policy in the U.S. - Contains major historical documents and legislation related to immigration in the United States as well as current hearings, debates and recent developments in immigration law. This first comprehensive database includes BIA Precedent Decisions, legislative histories, law and policy titles, extradition titles, scholarly articles, an extensive bibliography, and other related works. 

Index to Legal Periodicals, Retrospective (1908 - 1981) – Indexes nearly 900 legal periodicals published in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

 IngentaConnect - Includes peer-reviewed articles from academic and professional journals and magazines covering almost every academic discipline.

 Intellectual Property Law Collection - Includes legislative histories, treatises, documents, and classics relating to copyrights, patents, and trademarks. Also includes Title 37 of CFR., Titles 17 & 35 of USC, and Manual of Patent Examining Procedure.

 International Encyclopedia of Comparative Law Online - Provides detailed descriptions of the legal systems of more than 150 countries and comparative analyses of the main issues in civil and commercial law and related issues world-wide.

 JSTOR - Provides full text access to more than 700 peer-reviewed scholarly journals covering business, ecology, education, ethnic studies, history, literature, mathematics, music, philosophy, political science, and sociology.


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 Land Letter – Describes legal, legislative, and regulatory developments in the area of natural resource policy issues.

 Law360 – Practitioner-oriented resource that provides current legal news and analysis on specific practice areas, industries, and states.

 LawMemo – Provides email summaries and links to the full texts of recent cases and other decisions in employment and labor law.  Law students may sign up to receive email alerts at

 LexisNexis Academic / Nexis Uni - Provides access to United States (state and federal) case law and statutes, and also features in-depth coverage of U.S. news sources.

Password Required Lexis Advance– Provides comprehensive access to state and federal legal materials, as well as some foreign and international sources of law.  This database also includes secondary sources such as treatises, law review articles, legal newsletters, and forms.  

LLMC Digital – Includes historical state and federal materials.

 Los Angeles Times – Includes full text coverage in PDF format from 1881-1994.

Making of Modern Law: Foreign, Comparative and International Law, 1600-1926 - Includes  pre-1926 treatises and similar monographs in international, comparative, and foreign law; Roman, Islamic, and Jewish law; and ancient law.

Making of Modern Law: Foreign Primary Sources, 1600-1970 – Includes historical legal codes, statutes, regulations, and commentaries on codes from the United Kingdom, Australia, India, France, Germany, Brazil, and other countries in Europe and Latin America.

Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources, 1620-1926 - Contains constitutional conventions and compilations (reports, journals, proceedings, and debates, and supplementary documents published by the conventions including, manuals, rules of order, and information for the use of delegates); city charters (the texts of enacted and proposed charters and ordinances in American jurisdictions); law dictionaries; and early U.S. state codes.

Making of Modern Law: Treatises, 1800-1926 – Includes PDF images of the full text of 22,000 legal treatises on United States and British law published between 1800 and 1926.

Making of Modern Law: Trials, 1600-1926 –Includes court cases from America, the British Empire and the world. This collection consists of more than 10,000 titles and nearly two million pages of fully searchable content from the law libraries of Harvard and Yale as well as The Library of the Bar of the City of New York.

 Max Planck Encyclopedia of Comparative Constitutional Law - Provides analytical coverage of various constitutional law topics in a comparative context.

 Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law - Includes peer-reviewed articles on various aspects of public international law. Topics include international environmental law; law of the sea; law of treaties; international criminal law; international organizations. 

Nevada Legal Research Guides – Includes links to research guides focusing on Nevada law.

Nevada Legislative Law Library - Includes the Nevada Revised Statutes, Nevada Administrative Code, Nevada Register, Nevada session laws, Nevada Supreme Court Opinions, court rules, and city charters.

 New York Times - Includes full text coverage, and PDF images covering 1851-2014.

 Oxford Constitutions of the World - Provides (1) English translations of the constitutions of virtually all countries in the world; (2) individual jurisdictional commentaries; and (3) supplementary materials, including foundation documents, historical versions of constitutions, and amendment Acts/Laws.

 Oxford English Dictionary Online - Includes the full text of the Oxford English Dictionary.

 Oxford Journals – Includes peer-reviewed journals covering the life sciences, mathematics and physical sciences, medicine, social sciences, humanities, and law.

 PACER – Provides electronic access to case and docket information from federal appellate, district and bankruptcy courts. To retrieve individual documents, please contact a reference librarian (702-895-2420 or through the Ask a Librarian form).

PCL Map collection - Includes more than 250,000 maps covering all areas of the world from the University of Texas Libraries.

 PowerNotes – A browser extension designed for academic researching. PowerNotes allows you to highlight, categorize, and take notes on any website. PowerNotes organizes your research into an outline for you, saves links to all of your sources, and allows you to edit, recategorize, and filter your research by clicking or dragging and dropping. To get started, use your institutional email address to create an account at

 PLI Plus -  Includes treatises, answer books, CLE materials, forms, and other resources relating to business, corporate, and securities law; litigation; tax; intellectual property; bankruptcy; and professional responsibility (among many other topics).  Materials are largely business-oriented and authored by practitioners.

 Project Muse - Provides full text access to peer-reviewed journals in literature and criticism, history, the visual and performing arts, cultural studies, education, political science, gender studies, economics, and many other disciplines.

 ProQuest Congressional - Includes the full text of public laws and congressional reports, hearings, and other federal legislative history materials from 1789 to the present.

 ProQuest Indian Claims Insight - Allows researchers to search Indian claims content via keyword, full text, and docket number.  Content includes decisions, transcripts, docket books, journals of the Indian Claims Commission, a judicial panel for relations between the U.S. Government and Native American tribes; and related statutes and congressional publications.

 ProQuest Legislative Insight -  Provides access to federal legislative history documents: bills, committee reports, hearings, CRS reports, committee prints, Congressional Record, Presidential signing statements, and statutes. 

 ProQuest Regulatory Insight - Contains federal regulatory histories based on the proposed and final rules stemming from laws and executive orders.

 ProQuest Statistical Abstract of the U.S. - Provides comprehensive summary of statistics on the social, political, and economic conditions of the United States.

 ProQuest Supreme Court Insight, 1975 - 2016 - Provides full opinions, dockets, oral arguments, joint appendices and amicus briefs for cases argued before the Supreme Court. 

 ProQuest U.K. Parliamentary Papers - Includes House of Commons Parliamentary Papers from the 18th and 19th centuries, such as bills, committee reports, reports of commissioners, accounts (statistical information), and other publications.  


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 Religion and the Law - Contains books, periodicals, and bibliographies on the development, history, organization, and fundamental principles of various world religions. The collection also includes the Christian Legal Society publications, an assortment of Canon Law, and rare historical bibles. 

SSRN: Financial Economics Network – Provides access to scholarly articles in the areas of economics and finance.

SSRN: Legal Scholarship Network – Provides access to scholarly articles, primarily authored by law faculty.

 Social Sciences Citation Index - Includes current and retrospective bibliographic information, author abstracts, and cited references for articles in more than 1,700 scholarly social sciences journals.  Now integrated in the Web of Science platform.

 Statista – Statistics portal that provides statistics, third party studies, dossiers, industry reports, forecasts, and infographics on over 80,000 topics from over 18,000 sources.  Statistics can be downloaded in a wide variety of formats, including PowerPoint slides, Excel spreadsheets, and image files.

 Supreme Court Records and Briefs, 1832-1978 - Includes records and briefs for cases brought before the United States Supreme Court from 1832 through 1978.

 Tax Foundation Archive Publications - The complete archive of Tax Foundation's publications, which contain information on taxation, fiscal policy, finance, and more.

Password Required Tax Notes - Includes the current issue of Tax Notes, as well as an archive of historical issues dating back to 1972.  Also contains primary documents such as IRS letters and memoranda, court opinions, and more.  Users must create an account on a BSL computer with their UNLV email before accessing. Please contact David McClure (; 702-895-2430) for assistance.  

 Taxation & Economic Reform in America - Contains historical legislation related to internal revenue laws from 1909 - 1950. It also includes more than 100 other legislative histories related to taxation, economic reform, and stimulus plans.

 TracFed - Provides a wide range of federal data concerning enforcement, staffing, spending, and other matters.

 United Nations Law Collection - Contains major United Nations legal publications, including the complete collection of the United Nations Treaty Series, the League of Nations Treaty Series, the Monthly Statement of Treaties & International Agreements, UNCITRAL Publications, UNIDIR Publications, the United Nations Legislative Series.  

United Nations Treaty Collection - Includes the full text of multilateral instruments deposited with the Secretary-General of the United Nations, covering a range of subject matters (e.g., human rights, disarmament, commodities, refugees, the environment, the law of the sea).

 Value Line Research Center - Provides detailed market information on companies, stocks, mutual funds, options, convertible securities, and other publicly traded investment vehicles.

 Westlaw – Provides comprehensive access to primary and secondary legal authorities from the United States and some foreign jurisdictions; includes international materials.

 West Academic Study Aids – Provides access to nutshells, outlines, practice tests, and other study material published by West Academic or Thomson Reuters.

 Wolters Kluwer Online Study Aid Library - Provides access to bar exam preparation materials, study aids, and treatises published by Wolters Kluwer.

WorldCat First Search - Provides integrated access to library catalogs from around the world.