FAQ - U.S. Supreme Court Swearing-In

  • What are the deadlines to be included in the Supreme Court Swearing-in either in Open Court or by Written Motion?

    All materials should be received to Boyd Law on or before March 23. No exceptions please as we must adhere to the Supreme Court’s requirements for processing. Note: Only the first thirty Boyd alumni who submit their completed materials/payments will be allowed to participate in Open Court in the June 2020 event.

  • What needs to be submitted on or before March 23 and sent to whom?
    1. Completed Online Application for Admission to Practice. On page 2 statements of sponsors and signatures are required from someone who has previously been admitted to the U.S. Supreme Court. If you are unable to locate one or both sponsor, Boyd Law will try to assist. Instructions on Admissions to the Bar (see website) should be carefully reviewed specifically Supreme Court Rule 5 and do not delay with this paperwork as it may take a week or longer to processing.
    2. Certificate of Good Standing (See 2nd paragraph on the instruction page.)
    3. A $200 check made payable to the Supreme Court dated June 1, 2020.
    4. Completed Eventbrite Event Registration.

    With the exception of the online Eventbrite Event Registration, (1), (2) and (3) should be received by the law school on or before March 23 at the following address:

    UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law
    ATTN: Nakia Jackson-Hale
    4505 S. Maryland Parkway, P.O. Box 451003, Las Vegas, NV

    Questions? Nakia may be reach at nakia.jackson-hale@unlv.edu or 702-895-2489

  • I am unable to attend in person when the group is sworn-in on June 1. What are my options?

    You may elect to be admitted on written motion. Please follow the instructions for admissions to the Bar by completing the application; include a check for $200 payable to the Supreme Court and dated June 1, 2020; and it must be received to the Boyd School of Law no later than March 23.

    UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law
    ATTN: Nakia Jackson-Hale
    4505 S. Maryland Parkway, P.O. Box 451003, Las Vegas, NV
  • What other groups or law schools are also participating with Boyd Law on June 1?

    Tulane University School of Law, Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity and Middlesex County, New Jersey Bar Association.

  • Will transportation be provided from the hotel to the Supreme Court? And from the Supreme Court to our luncheon?

    Complimentary bus transportation will be provided for both of these short trips.

  • Are cameras allowed in the courtroom during the swearing-in ceremony?

    No cameras are allowed. Personal belongings will be left in our reception room during the ceremony; however, it is suggested to bring only what is absolutely necessary to the Supreme Court.

  • Will the law school have a hired photographer traveling with us for photographs on the dinner cruise, the luncheon, and while we are in the reception room of the Supreme Court?

    Yes! We know for many of you this is a once-in-a-lifetime moment being sworn-in and welcome you sharing this with your fellow graduates, your families, and friends who have joined you.

  • Can more than one guest per admittee be able to go into the courtroom during the swearing-in?

    The Court has a restriction of only thirty admittees from our law school being sworn-in along with each bringing a guest. Guests will seat near the back area of the courtroom with the admittees on the front few rows. It is possibly that more than one guest may be able to join the ceremony, but this is at the discretion of the Court.

  • What is the courtroom lecture scheduled for 11 am following the swearing-in?

    The lecture presented by a curator provides a thorough introduction to the Supreme Court, the history of the building, and the architecture of the courtroom.

  • Is the school getting group tickets for the Nationals game on Monday evening, June 1?

    This depends on the interest of the group, which we will have a better idea after the March 23 deadline to register. Game time should be confirmed by around this date, too.

  • What about younger children attending these weekend events?

    Children under the age of 6 are not permitted in the courtroom on Monday. At Charlie Palmer Steak, an optional children’s menu is available.

  • Can you explain security restrictions, prohibited items, photography and other aspects to know prior to going on the optional White House Tuesday, June 2 morning tour?

    For general information and security restrictions of the White House tour, please visit the White House Tour & Events page.

  • What will be seen on the 45-minute self-guided White House tour?