Information for Students

Investor Protection Clinic (6 credits)

Prerequisite: Successful completion of all first-year courses.

Investor Protection Clinic students focus on the representation of small investors with claims against their brokers in FINRA mediation and arbitration. Under appropriate supervision, students will gain experience and knowledge in investigating potential claims, interviewing and counseling clients, preparing case documents, negotiating settlements and participating in the FINRA mediation and/or securities arbitration process.

Students also engage in community education and outreach to benefit potential investors. Participating students will have the opportunity, through live client representation, simulations and community outreach, to develop valuable lawyering skills and gain exposure to substantive business law issues as well as alternative dispute resolution methods.

Enrollment is limited and prospective students must obtain the permission of the instructor prior to registering for this course.

Time Commitment

Students are expected to devote approximately eighteen hours each week to clinic-related work and projects. The clinic also includes a weekly seminar course, three hours, and a weekly team meeting with the instructor, one hour.

For more information, please contact Benjamin Edwards, Director of the Investor Protection Clinic at (702) 895-2402 or through email at