Rosenmblum Tax Clinic Client Service Survey

We thank you for letting us help you with your legal needs. Our goal is to provide high quality, professional legal services to our clients. By answering this Survey you will help us find out if we are meeting our goal. This Survey should take approximately five minutes to complete.

Completing this Survey is voluntary. Including your name in this survey is optional. Whether or not you complete the Survey has nothing to do with whether the Tax Clinic will help you in the future.

How was your experience with the Federal Tax Clinic overall?
How was the legal service we provided you?
How was our explanation of your legal options and our effort to allow you to make decisions?
How was our effort to stay in touch with you about your case?
How was our effort to respond to your phone calls and other contacts promptly?
How like is it that you will return to us for help with your legal needs in the future?
Would you recommend the Federal Tax Clinic to others who have legal needs?