Frequently Asked Questions

Greetings, Boyd Nation! This FAQ is intended to provide insight into what we anticipate the Fall 2020 semester will look like given information and conditions as they currently stand; it will be updated as events and directives from the Governor and UNLV central administration require.

  • Face coverings must always be worn in the law school buildings – Boyd Hall, the Rogers Building, and the Thomas & Mack Moot Court, correct?

    Yes, face coverings must be worn whenever occupying a classroom, the library, or any other shared space or walking about the building, i.e., at all times when you are in the law school complex, in accordance the Governor's directive. Boyd community members may remove face masks when working alone in a confined space, i.e., an office, but must replace them when they exit that confined space or when another person enters that confined space. Face coverings are not required when outdoors, but six-foot social distancing must be observed. The balcony off the second-floor student lounge is considered an outdoor space, so Boyd community members can take a “mask break” there, so long as they maintain social distancing.

  • When will classes and exams take place?

    We plan to adhere to the class and exam dates set forth on the Fall 2020 Academic Calendar. We anticipate all Fall 2020 exams to be take home via TWEN, as in the Spring 2020 and Summer 2020 semesters.

  • How will classes be delivered?

    All courses in the Fall 2020 semester will be delivered online. Students should consult individual course syllabi for additional information.

  • Will the library be open?

    The law library will likely be open on a reduced schedule and with health and safety protocols in place. Such protocols may include, among other things: a sign-in and reservation system for individual study spaces, limits on seating capacity and the number of individuals in the library at a time, and restrictions on food in the library. The law library will continue to offer remote services and resources. For students who do not wish to come to the library, an online system will be put in place so that students may request books and pick them up at a designated location. For more information, research and reference help, or anything else, please contact Professor Price at or any of the librarians listed on the library webpage.

  • What about grades?

    Normally letter-graded courses will be evaluated on a letter-grade basis, in accordance with our published grading policies (see Student Policy Handbook Chapter 8).

  • And what about class participation and attendance requirements?

    Attendance will be governed under Student Policy Handbook Section 2.07. While all faculty have discretion to implement class participation and attendance requirements as they see fit, they are likewise encouraged to make allowances for students whose participation or attendance is hindered by COVID-19-related factors.

  • How is Boyd looking to improve online learning moving forward?

    Over the summer, our faculty has engaged in regular workshops led by university online education specialists and by fellow faculty members more experienced in online teaching to improve and enhance online course material delivery. Our IT department continues to do a fantastic job supporting our faculty in their efforts to take greater advantage of the opportunities and tools online platforms have to offer.

  • Can I withdraw for a semester or academic year?

    Yes. Some of you, for any number of reasons, may decide that a semester or year off from law school is in your best interest. We understand that, and Dean Durand will work with anyone who wishes to explore the possibility of a leave of absence (see Student Policy Handbook 11.02).

  • What should I do if I get sick?

    UNLV recommends students follow the guidance provided by the CDC. You should call the UNLV Student Health Center at (702) 895-3370 or your health care provider if you would like further guidance.

  • Who can I speak to if I have other questions?

    Additional questions or concerns can be submitted online through the law school’s COVID-19 reopening webpage. We will strive to answer queries within three (3) business days.