KnowIt: Intellectual Property in a Digital World


Monday, May 11, 2020 -
7:00am to 3:10pm


Online Conference

Free Intellectual Property Conference Live-streaming May 11-13

KnowIt is a groundbreaking new annual event that brings together the community of creators and protectors of intellectual property and other innovative outputs for an unprecedented discourse and collaboration. With dramatic shifts in both consumer and business technologies, as well as social trends and business models, now is the time for KnowIt.

Conference Registration

•    Includes intellectual property, but goes beyond IP to include all human (and artificial) intellectual output;
•    Includes lawyers and matters of law, but goes beyond law to include the business and science of creating and protecting innovations;
•    Includes panels and speakers, but goes beyond the passive listening experiences of the past to facilitate actionable exchange and collaboration.
Attendees at KnowIt will include lawyers (in-house and outside counsel), academics, inventors, authors, brand creators, cybersecurity and privacy professionals, leaders in government, regulators, startups, tech companies, investors, non-profits, media, Wall Street analysts and more.
As an attendee, you will be immersed in unique and engaging sessions about the future of intellectual enterprises, and will connect with peers beyond those that hold the same job title as you. The agenda features unique general sessions as well as more intimate conversations. KnowIt also provides a multitude of ways to meet and interact with your peers, clients, lawyers, creators, partners, vendors and friends.
KnowIt doesn’t focus on the nuts and bolts. Instead, it examines critical issues that are fundamental to understanding the changes happening today, and the changes that will define the innovation of the future.
Join us virtually on May 11-13, 2020, as we define intellectual output in a digital world and usher in the Fourth Industrial Revolution!