Student Spotlight

  • 11/15/2022 - Much like her fellow students, Jamie Clark was itching to get some real-world, I’m-almost-a-lawyer experience during her second year at the William S. Boyd School of Law at UNLV.... read more
  • Travis Studdard
    04/08/2022 - Boyd student Travis Studdard tells us how he gets through his demanding schedule and the makings of the perfect breakfast.  read more
  • Joseph Waldman
    03/11/2022 - Joseph Waldman shares how he'll spend the upcoming summer and how the military and his service have shaped him into the person he is today.   read more
  • Jean-Lionel Mesidor
    02/25/2022 - Student Jean-Lionel Mesidor shares what brought him to his interest in sports and entertainment law.  read more
  • Daniel Weiss
    01/28/2022 - Student Daniel Weiss speaks on building a genuine sense of community for veterans.  read more
  • Madeleine Coles
    12/03/2021 - Student Madeleine Coles speaks on her role as the newest editor-in-chief of the Nevada Law Journal, and her plans for Winter Break.  read more
  • Brooke Harrison
    11/23/2021 - Brooke Harrison, 2L, tells us about her experiences working in the legal department for UFC.  read more
  • Austin Dykstra
    11/12/2021 - Student Austin Dykstra wears many hats and is highly involved at the law school, here he tells us how he finds the time.    read more
  • Candace Mays
    11/05/2021 - Student Candace Mays tells us how her Business Organizations class helped her focus on a possible career path. read more
  • Jeremy DeLong
    10/22/2021 - Student Jeremy DeLong, shares how a background in trading, a warning couched in good advice, and a move to a warmer climate, have made for a very interesting year. read more
  • Anthony Ruiz
    10/15/2021 - Anthony Ruiz, 3L, on what it was like to petition the State Legislature during the last legislative session, his favorite law school course, and how he relaxes.  read more
  • Jamie Leavitt
    10/08/2021 - Want to get involved in Mock Trial? Jamie Leavitt, 3L, has some advice on what it takes to be successful.  read more
  • Carla Bywaters
    10/01/2021 - 1L Carla Bywaters shares how her love of the law has transitioned through her careers. read more
  • Connor Farmer
    09/24/2021 - From upstate New York, to London, and now to Las Vegas, 1L Connor Farmer, talks about his experiences and one of his biggest challenges.  read more
  • Dianna Sauceda-Chirinos
    09/17/2021 - Part-time student, Dianna Sauceda-Chirinos, explains how her experience at a law firm allows her to put her class theory into actual practice.  read more
  • Natasha Sharma
    09/10/2021 - Natasha Sharma (3L), explains why she makes time for her leadership roles in both the Asian Pacific American Law Student Association (APALSA) and the Middle Eastern Law Students Association (MELSA), and why inclusivity is so important.... read more
  • Robel Asefaw
    09/03/2021 - Robel Asefaw (3L), President of Boyd's Black Law Students Association (BLSA), on his plans for BLSA this year and how he overcame challenges during his first year of law school. read more
  • Greer Sullivan
    08/27/2021 - Greer Sullivan (3L) shares how Rugby broadened her perspective, and how she'll approach making connections as the new SBA president. read more
  • Allison Mann
    05/14/2021 - Having grown up there, is Georgia often on your mind? Every now and then I pine for a quintessential Georgia experience from my childhood: navigating thorny bushes on a blackberry picking expedition, or drifting off to the buzzing of June bugs or a whippoorwill’s call. However, there are plenty of Georgia’s... read more
  • Christian Gonzalez Perez
    05/07/2021 - You recently were named Pro Bono Student of Distinction by the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada. What did that recognition mean to you? read more
  • Danielle Maatouk
    04/30/2021 - You are the president of the Middle Eastern Law Students Association. The group has had a busy year, yes? read more
  • Anya Sanko
    04/23/2021 - You work as a firearms analyst for the Las Vegas Metro Police Department. Sounds fascinating! Tell us more. I have worked for the LVMPD Forensic Lab for 12 years. I test fire evidence firearms and microscopically compare the test fired bullets and cartridge cases to those in evidence to determine if they have... read more
  • Jonathan Martin
    04/16/2021 - How have you enjoyed your time at Boyd -- pandemic notwithstanding -- since transferring from the West Virginia University College of Law? read more
  • Joshua Nelson
    04/09/2021 - Tell our readers about your experience coaching a debate team in China. read more
  • Skylar Arakawa-Pamphilon
    04/02/2021 - As president of Society of Advocates, what do you believe are the organization's noteworthy accomplishments this year? read more