Student Spotlight

  • Greer Sullivan
    03/12/2021 - How have your linguistics studies as an undergrad at Cal been helpful to you in law school? read more
  • Connor Riddle
    03/05/2021 - What brought you from your native Illinois to Nevada? As much as I’ll miss the Prairie State, there’s a charming beauty in the West that attracts a nature nut like myself. After spending a couple summers in Reno, I grew fond of the unique character of Nevada and its expanding opportunities, Boyd being an... read more
  • John McCormick-Huhn
    02/22/2021 - You hold a PhD in cognitive psychology. How has that background informed/influenced your law study? read more
  • Casey Rosenberg
    02/12/2021 - How fun... and challenging... was it to be a high school debate coach? read more
  • Alix Goldstein
    02/05/2021 - You worked in Amsterdam for a time, yes? read more
  • Dallas Anselmo
    01/29/2021 - How has drumming shaped your outlook on life? While I was drumming for Utah's drum corps, one instructor would always say, "Don't make the same mistake twice." I try to apply that saying to everyday life. I know I'm going to make mistakes, but if I never make the same one twice, I'll probably be a pretty good... read more
  • Ziwei Zheng
    01/22/2021 - Tell our readers the meaning of your name, Ziwei, and the significance it holds for you. Ziwei has three meanings in my language: 1) a purple flower, 2) north star, 3) symbol of royalty. I only go with the first meaning because a plant is persistent and strenuous.  You emigrated from China to the United States... read more
  • Gabriella Nellis
    12/11/2020 - Tell us about your work as a behavior technician prior to law school.  read more
  • Ana "Pao" Amegaza
    12/04/2020 - What do you miss the most about your native El Paso? I miss a lot of things about El Paso —the food, culture, art, music venues, family, and friends. I could go on and on about things I miss. The places and activities in El Paso that I have in mind are far too many and far too special to be able to do them... read more
  • Aariel Williams
    11/20/2020 - You grew up in South Central Los Angeles, attended college in Austin Texas, and ventured to Las Vegas for law school. Quite a journey for you, yes? read more
  • Robert J. Lemus
    11/13/2020 - Tell our readers about your eight years in the United States Navy. I enlisted in the US Navy in 2001, and I served from 2002 to 2010 as a nuclear reactor operator. I was stationed on the submarine USS Miami, out of Groton, Connecticut. I did two deployments on the Miami, one six-month tour to the Persian Gulf,... read more
  • Valarie Kuschel
    11/09/2020 - What do you love about your work as the Communications Director for Save Red Rock? My favorite part about working for Save Red Rock is being able to preserve a piece of our Valley that everyone enjoys. As a born and raised Nevadan, some of my best memories have been in the canyon. I hope it can be maintained for... read more
  • Catherine Galvez
    10/30/2020 - This has to be a particularly challenging time to be an urgent health care provider, yes? read more
  • Ryan Samano
    10/23/2020 - You have worked for a local law firm for about six years. How has that experience shaped your career aspirations? Working throughout undergrad and law school has really cemented my desire to work in the legal field. I enjoy what I do, the people that I help, and everyone that I work with. All the attorneys at De... read more
  • Zahava Lieberman
    10/16/2020 - As president of the Jewish Law Student Association, what are your goals for the group this year? I would like to create a space on campus devoted to furthering Judaism and a safe space for religious observance. JLSA is open to all and is committed to spreading awareness of issues that affect Jewish law students.... read more
  • Victoria Nguyen
    10/12/2020 - You have extensive experience working in sports. Let's hear about it! read more
  • Pete Reyes
    10/05/2020 - Tell us about your day job with UNLV. read more
  • Sebastian Ross
    09/25/2020 - You are the president of Boyd's Black Law Students Association. Please tell our readers about the organization's summer and plans for the year.   read more
  • John Bays
    09/18/2020 - You have a BA and a MA in history.  When did you discover your love for the subject? I cannot remember a specific moment, but as early as I can remember, I have always loved history. When I was a kid, I loved watching history channel documentaries and playing historically themed video games. From there, learning... read more
  • Dylan Lawter
    05/15/2020 - Tell us about your teaching experience prior to law school.   After graduating from BYU, I taught fifth and sixth grade in Utah County. While there, I directed the school choir and taught several kids how to beatbox. I also enjoyed going out to recess every day to play basketball, kickball, and four square. I... read more
  • Andrea Vieira
    05/08/2020 - You were born in Brazil. Do you still have ties there? Yes. My aunt, uncle, cousins, and their children and grandchildren are all in Brazil. I also have my daughter's godparents and many friends. The only people I have in the U.S. are my mom and my daughter Kailah, who was born here.  What are you most excited... read more
  • Dr. Praveen Saran
    05/01/2020 - Dr. Praveen Saran is a third-year student at the Boyd School of Law and a licensed physician who has been serving on the front line of the current public health crisis. read more
  • Shanna Carter
    04/24/2020 - You were a collegiate heptathlete. How did you become a heptathlete, and which of the seven events was your favorite? read more
  • Hugo Hernandez-Diaz
    04/17/2020 - What are your memories of immigrating to the United States as a child?  I was very young at the time, so I don’t really remember much. What I do recall is how much my parents sacrificed coming to an unknown country. While we didn’t have a lot growing up, my parents always sought what was best for me and my... read more
  • Austin Maul
    04/10/2020 - Prior to law school, you had some involvement in the Raiders' move to Las Vegas. Tell us more.   read more