Student Spotlight

  • Christopher Guy
    05/10/2019 - Tell our readers about your grandfather and the influence he's had on your professional goals. read more
  • Anna Sichting
    05/03/2019 - You are a law student, your husband is in the Air Force, and your kids are...well, kids. Is making all that work as challenging as it sounds? It is a balancing act and team effort! My husband and I are constantly comparing schedules for the family. I have also learned to ask for help! At times, this has meant... read more
  • Patrick Harrington
    04/26/2019 - As an undergraduate at St. Mary's College of California, you majored in "Great Books." Which of the 'great books" do you hold above all others? It is the Odyssey. I wrote my senior thesis proving Odysseus’ journey home was a dream, using Life is a Dream and the Leviathan. It changed Odysseus’ journey from a hero’... read more
  • Rebecca Crooker
    04/19/2019 - From earning a bachelor's degree in French Studies at Portland State University to the brink of earning a JD at Boyd 10 years later...a lot probably happened in between, yes? read more
  • Ariana Reed
    04/12/2019 - Tell us about your undergrad years studying chemistry at Syracuse University?  read more
  • Will Carter
    04/05/2019 - As an undergraduate at UNLV, you studied in China for a semester. How did that go? read more
  • Breanna Switzler
    03/29/2019 - Tell us about your work last summer in the Governor's Office in Carson City.   read more
  • Carmen Gilbert
    03/22/2019 - How did your work in the Peace Corps sway you toward law school? read more
  • David Chavez
    03/15/2019 - Tell our readers about your path to becoming principal violist for the Henderson Symphony Orchestra.     read more
  • Daniel Brady
    03/08/2019 - Before you joined us, what Boyd insight did you get from your sister Katlyn (Boyd '16)? In terms of observations, I definitely saw just how hard law school is, and how much work it would take to be successful. In terms of advice, she told me to take advantage of every opportunity to meet and talk with my... read more
  • Lucy Crow
    03/01/2019 - Tough question: Of your many and varied experiences at Boyd, which rises above the others? read more
  • Caleb Green
    02/22/2019 - Your undergraduate study and work experience prior to law school were in the computer/information technology field. How do you anticipate that background will meld with your legal career?  I think my technical background will blend nicely with my legal career. As technology continues to advance, I anticipate my... read more
  • Megan Ortiz
    02/15/2019 - You have an avid interest in environmental law work. Tell our readers about some of the great experience you've gained in the field. read more
  • Paloma Guerrero
    02/01/2019 - As you complete your time as a Boyd Public Interest Fellow, what are your reflections on the experience? It feels unusual to be rewarded for public interest work, but it really put me in a position where I could comfortably dedicate my time to helping others without worrying about my ability to afford it. I also... read more
  • Marc Kustner
    01/25/2019 - Tell us about your transition from the sandwich business to law school. read more
  • Gabrielle Boliou
    12/07/2018 - How goes your first semester of law school? I’m having so much fun! It’s a bit disconcerting because there aren’t very many benchmarks as to how well I’m actually doing, but I’m trying to measure myself off how well I can mentally respond to professors’ answers in class and taking a few practice exams (with... read more
  • Joseph Dagher
    11/16/2018 - Tell our readers about your position here at UNLV. In my current position in the President’s Office at UNLV, I assist in managing a multitude of daily requests and providing responses to a diverse range of issues that are directed to the President’s Office from various campus and community constituents. One of my... read more
  • Andre LaBonte
    11/09/2018 - It's quite a trek from your native Rhode Island to Nevada. Why did you make it? I came to Las Vegas for economic opportunities and a change of scenery. The weather in New England is notoriously rough and years later I am still thankful to be living in such a beautiful desert. As for economic opportunities, I... read more
  • Tiffany Solari
    11/02/2018 - On one hand, home is Rome, yes?   Yes! R(h)ome is where I was born and where I recently lived for the past four years. It is truly an eternal city that has helped me not only grow, but also learn to love and appreciate the little things in life.  But on the other hand, home is Las Vegas. Tell us about the contrast... read more
  • Nathaniel Saxe
    10/26/2018 - You were a competitive debater as an undergrad at UNLV. How has that experience helped you in law school? My experience with debate helped me with many different parts of law school. It helped me get over most anxiety when speaking in public. It taught me how to research and write fully formed arguments. Finally... read more
  • Kimber Laux
    10/19/2018 - In your career as a newspaper reporter, what's been the best story you got to tell?  The best story in recent memory was about a free little league created and run by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s Bolden Area Command, which polices Las Vegas’s Historic Westside. It was refreshing to hear officers... read more
  • David Snyder
    10/12/2018 - Teacher by day, student by evening – how’s that daily role reversal been working for you? Excellent. Effective instructors never stop learning, so it feels natural. My students benefit from it as well as I am able to bring what I am learning in my classes to them. The time commitment can be a challenge for my... read more
  • Julio Garcia
    10/05/2018 - You attended and graduated from a virtual high school. What was that experience like? I actually went to a few other high schools in Las Vegas. First Western High then Palo Verde. I was homeschooled my last year of high school – I only needed a few credits to graduate and didn’t want to go to an actual school for... read more
  • Zaniah Jordan
    09/28/2018 - How was your transition from LA to Las Vegas?   My transition from LA to Las Vegas has been smooth thus far. I am still getting used to the Las Vegas Valley culture. Things are a lot slower, but the Strip and downtown Las Vegas make up for it. What I really love about Las Vegas are the outdoor recreational... read more
  • Arthur Burns
    09/21/2018 - How does an east coast guy, born in NYC and educated at Columbia, decide to go to law school in Las Vegas? My wife and I decided to leave the east coast, so we looked at schools all around the country. I was very impressed by Boyd’s legal writing program, its job placement statistics, and its outreach to the... read more