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Saltman Center for Conflict Resolution
Preparing lawyers for the future of dispute resolution
The Saltman Center for Conflict Resolution at the UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law provides a forum for the advanced study of the nature of conflict and how to resolve it. Through our scholarly research, coursework, lectures, conferences, workshops, and competitions, we explore a wide array of disputes--public and private as well as regional, national, and international.

Teaching: Saltman Center Director and Michael and Sonja Saltman Professor of Law Jean Sternlight is teaching her students how to use cognitive and social psychology to best represent clients in her course on Psychology and Lawyering. In her Civil Procedure course Professor Sternlight shows students why lawyers must be expert in both litigation and non-litigation approaches in order to help their clients resolve disputes most effectively. Saltman Center Associate Director Lydia Nussbaum developed a new community law practicum in family mediation that provides law students the opportunity to mediate and help resolve real family law disputes.

Scholarship: Professor Sternlight’s most recent article examines the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s proposed regulation of forced arbitration through the lenses of economics, psychology and political philosophy. In her latest article, forthcoming in the Maryland Law Review, Professor Nussbaum analyzes state legislatures’ experiments with different kinds of ADR for medical malpractice claims.

Service: Professor Sternlight took a leading role in drafting and coordinating a letter filed by more than 200 law professors favoring the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s proposal to prevent companies from using mandatory arbitration clauses to insulate themselves from class actions. The Center added new professional skills courses for mediators, attorneys, and other members of the public to develop their conflict resolution skills.
Professor Jean Sternlight and Senior Fellow Patricia Mulroy
Professor Jean Sternlight (left) is pictured with Patricia Mulroy, a Senior Fellow for Climate Adaptation and Environmental Policy and a Practitioner in Residence for the Saltman Center at the Boyd School of Law. Read about their thoughts on the water crisis below.
Saltman Center Highlights
#9 national ranking
The Saltman Center for Conflict Resolution was again ranked ninth among the top programs in dispute resolution last year. The Center has been ranked in the top 12 for the past 10 years.
Lake Mead
There are few issues in the world bigger than the crisis of water resources. Drought and flooding have plagued humanity since the dawn of history, but climate change is driving extremes that are affecting billions all over the world. And the crisis is not confined to far-off places.
Mediation Training
Watching the evening news can be a traumatizing experience these days. Mass shootings seem to happen every other night; terrorists attack airports overseas and discotheques in our cities; even our national political discourse has been reduced to insults and invective. In all of this chaos, the Saltman Center offers a beacon of relative calm, and one of the Center's tools is mediation.
Competition winners
UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law students Michael Stannard (left) and Katherine "KC" Maher (right), pictured with Saltman Graduate Fellow Jeanette "Jae" Barrick, took first place in the 2015-2016 American Bar Association (ABA) Regional Client Counseling Competition.
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