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UNLVLaw Road Scholars

UNLVLaw Road Scholars

June 2012
May 29-June 1  

Linda Berger, Jennifer Carr, Linda Edwards, Sara Gordon, Lori Johnson, Terry Pollman, and Rebecca Scharf will attend the Legal Writing Institute's 15th Biennial Conference in Palm Desert, CA. Rebecca Scharf will serve as Co-Chair of the Conference's Program Committee. Sara Gordon will present her article entitled, "Don't Just Assume: Confronting Juror Expectations and Schema When Drafting 'Plain' Jury Instructions." Linda Berger, Linda Edwards, and Terry Pollman will co-present "Writing Scholarship and Driving after Dark: You Only Need to See Two to Three Feet Ahead."


May 30-June 1

  Nancy Rapoport will speak on bankruptcy ethics issues at the 2012 National Conference on Professional Responsibility in Boston, MA. The conference is sponsored by the American Bar Association's Center for Professional Responsibility.
May 30-June 3   Michael Kagan, Sylvia Lazos, and Fatma Marouf will attend the Immigration Law Teachers Workshop at the Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY. Michael Kagan will present his work-in-progress entitled, "Beyond the Hague: Re-Thinking the Transnational Regulation of International Adoption." Fatma Marouf will present her work-in-progress entitled, "The Role of Foreign Authority in U.S. Asylum Adjudication." Kagan and Marouf also will address teaching about sexual orientation, sexual identity, and gender in a clinical context as part of a panel on pedagogy.
June 4   Nancy Rapoport will speak at a public meeting at the Office of the U.S. Trustee (UST) within the Department of Justice about her research on fees in large Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases. The UST is responsible for overseeing the administration of bankruptcy cases and private trustees under 28 U.S.C. § 586 and 11 U.S.C. § 101 et seq.
June 5-8  

Rachel Anderson, Ruben Garcia, Michael Kagan, Ann McGinley, Terry Pollman, Jeff Stempel, and Stacey Tovino will attend the 2012 International Conference on Law & Society in Honolulu, HI. Rachel Anderson will present her paper, "Corporate Citizenship in Corporate Governance: Possibility or Pipe Dream?" as part of a Corporate Law and Human Rights panel. During an Author Meets Reader session, Ruben Garcia will discuss his new book, Marginal Workers: How Legal Fault Lines Divide Workers and Leave Them without Protection. Garcia also will present a paper relating to workplace citizenship during a Collective Labor Law and Worker Participation session. Michael Kagan will present his paper, "We Live in a Country of UNHCR: The UN Surrogate State as an Alternative Basis for Refugee Rights," as part of a Regulating Immigrant Rights: Comparative Perspectives session. Ann McGinley will chair a panel entitled, "Gender from a Multidimensional Perspective: Masculinities Theories and Law," present her paper entitled, "Because of Sex," comment on Ruben Garcia's Marginal Workers during Garcia's Author Meets Reader session, and comment on Susan Stiritz's "Hooking Up as a Neoliberal Practice" during a Feminist Legal Theory Collaborative Research Network panel. Jeff Stempel will participate in a roundtable entitled, "Power Grab: The Diminishing of Parties' Authority and Effectiveness through Procedures and Otherwise."


June 6-9

  Rebecca Nathanson will participate in the Evaluating the Voice of the Child in Family Law Workshop as part of the 49th Annual Conference of the Association of Family & Conciliation Courts in Chicago, IL.

June 8-9

  Bret Birdsong will present his in-progress article, "Critical Rice Theory: Expanding the Values on the Food Law Table," as part of the Summer Workshop on Food Law at the University of Colorado Law School in Boulder, CO.
June12-13   Nancy Rapoport will speak about images of lawyers in pop culture at a meeting of the San Antonio Chapter of the Federal Bar Association in San Antonio, TX.
June 12-15  

Jeff Stempel will participate in West Publishing's Author's Inside Look Program in Eagan, MN. During the program, Stempel and other select West authors will tour the West facility, meet with editorial, marketing, and circulation managers, and discuss current and future trends in legal publishing.


June 13-16

  Jennifer Carr will speak about "The Life Cycle of an AAP Professional" at the 2012 Law School Admission Council Academic Assistance Training Workshop in Denver, CO.

June 14-16

  Ian Bartrum will participate in the invitation-only "Constitutional Schmooze" at the 2012 National Convention of the American Constitution Society in Washington, DC.

June 14-16

  Nancy Rapoport will participate in a Bloomberg Bankruptcy Law Treatise Editorial Board meeting in New York City, NY.

June 16-21

  Stacey Tovino will provide 24 hours of continuing legal education on the topic of Elder Law as part of the Summer 2012 Health Law Institute at Hamline University School of Law in St. Paul, MN.

June 20-24

  Ruben Garcia will participate in a Labor Law Group Meeting in Asheville, NC. The Group consists of over 60 academics from a number of law schools in the United States, Canada, and Europe dedicated to improving scholarship and teaching materials in Labor and Employment Law.

June 28-30

  Rachel Anderson and Ann Cammett will participate in the 2012 Lutie A. Lytle Black Women Law Faculty Writing Workshop at Suffolk University School of Law in Boston, MA. Rachel Anderson will present "A History of the Lutie A. Lytle Writing Workshop" and a work-in-progress about African-American attorneys and the civil rights movement in Nevada. Ann Cammett will present her work-in-progress entitled, "Deadbeat Dads and Welfare Queens: How Metaphor Shapes Poverty Law."