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UNLV Boyd School of Law
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Spring 2015

Preserve the Past to
Educate the Future


Boasting authentic board sidewalks, old west saloons, quaint shops, 19th century homes, and historic cemeteries, a visit to Virginia City can take you back in time. In the midst of Virginia City’s Historical District lies St. Paul the Prospector Episcopal Church. Over 125 years old, St. Paul’s is known to Episcopalians as “the mother church of Nevada.” Read more »

In the Community

In the Community: Juvenile Justice Clinic Takes on Abolition of Juvenile Life Without Parole

Students in the Juvenile Justice Clinic are delving into legislative advocacy this spring as the Nevada Legislature holds its 2015 session. One of the clinic’s projects, the abolition of the sentence of juvenile life without parole, got a kick-start ... Read more »


A Laboratory for Scholarship: Underlining Justice in Access to Justice

Professor Elizabeth MacDowell, director of the Family Justice Clinic, examines the ways in which civil courts function to regulate the poor in historical as well as contemporary contexts. She, along with two other Boyd clinician-scholars, received the Association of American Law Schools Bellows Award, which recognizes ... Read more »


Alumni Spotlight: The Honorable Linda Marquis

Linda Marquis (Boyd ‘03) started down the path to a legal career as a teenager, doing clerical work and running errands for a law firm. Now she is the presiding judge in Department B at the Clark County Family Court. Read more »


Kids’ Court School’s 1,000th Child Celebration

The Kids’ Court School had its 1,000th Child Celebration on March 13 in the Thomas & Mack Moot Court. The Kids’ Court School, a 2012 Harvard University Bright Idea Award winner, is a nationally recognized program that educates children and youth about the judicial process and teaches strategies to reduce system-related stress. Children, ages 4-17 with impending legal proceedings, attend 2 one-hour sessions, at no cost, to learn about court. The 1,000th Child Celebration began with an overview of the Kids’ Court School and a demonstration of the program. Read more »

Mediation Clinic Students Mediate Over 60 Cases

The Fall 2014 Mediation Clinic enjoyed a flurry of activity as it continued to provide mediation services to its community partners, the Clark County Neighborhood Justice Center and the Clark County Family Court. Students mediated over 60 cases involving child custody matters, debt and asset distribution in divorce, as well as civil claims ranging from landlord tenant disputes, debt collection, and breach of contract. Students not only developed their skills as third-party neutral facilitators, but they also observed what effective client advocacy looks like at the mediation table. Joining the Mediation Clinic’s supervising faculty was Saltman Graduate Fellow Jeannette (Jae) Barrick (Boyd ’13), who shared with students her invaluable perspective as a practicing family law attorney.

Immigration Clinic Student Attorney Overturns 14-Year-Old Deportation Order

Immigration Clinic student attorney Jose Martin persuaded the Board of Immigration Appeals to reopen a 14-year-old deportation order against a father of three. The client had been ordered deported because of a 15-year-old criminal conviction that the immigration judge incorrectly believed to be an aggravated felony. More recent decisions have made clear that it is not. Reopening old deportation orders is not a right, and thus presented a difficult advocacy problem, especially without the support of the Department of Homeland Security. Though the client faces an uphill battle, Jose’s work may keep a family together by lifting the immediate threat of deportation.

One Clinic Alumna, and One Clinic Brief, Preserve Freedom for Many

When tens of thousands of mothers and children fled violence in Central America in 2014, the U.S. Government’s first reaction was to detain them at remote private facilities in New Mexico and Texas. When the families filed credible asylum claims, many immigration judges began to release them on bond. But the Department of Homeland Security appealed, claiming the women and children pose a national security threat.


Student attorneys Geordan Logan and Keely Perdue partnered with alumna Sarah Perez (Boyd ’12) to defend the release orders. Their brief, which has been adapted and used in some two-dozen cases in Texas, attacked the government’s claims that families with children who had already been found to have credible asylum claims could be called a national security risk. In every known case that was decided, the Board of Immigration Appeals affirmed the bond, letting the mothers and children remain free while they complete their asylum applications. In February, a federal judge in Washington, D.C., issued a preliminary injunction forbidding DHS from refusing bond for families with credible asylum claims.

Family Justice Clinic Alumna Receives a Unique “Thank You”

Before winter break, a prospective client contacted the clinic looking for assistance with a Guardianship petition. The client explained that she has a disability that made the process of completing legal forms more difficult. Although the call came at the end of the semester when students were unavailable, Graduate Fellow Jessica Perlick (Boyd ’13) took the case and worked on it during the winter break. Jessica successfully secured the client guardianship of her grandchildren. A few weeks later, to Jessica’s surprise and delight, she received a wonderful over-sized card from the client that was signed and decorated with smiley-face stickers by the grandchildren over whom the client now had legal guardianship.


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