Note  |  Volume 3 | 2011-2012

High-Tech Casino Advantage Play: Legislative Approaches to the Threat of Predictive Devices

by David W. Schnell-Davis

This paper examines how device laws in the United States have dealt with predictive devices over the years and how device laws can be improved. Part I of this paper looks at how different laws address predictive devices. In addition, Part I examines three device laws in depth and compares their effectiveness. Part II discusses the history and evolution of several types of predictive devices, and how the laws in Part I have been applied. Part III proposes a model device law designed to address the shortcomings of current laws. Finally, Part IV looks at the future of device laws, both in terms of potential technological advances and how device laws might be applied to Internet gambling.

3 UNLV Gaming L.J. 299 (2012)