Symposium Issue Description

Volume 24, Issue 3 of the Nevada Law Journal: Avoiding Disaster: Understanding, Mitigating, and Adapting to the Global Climate Crisis

The Nevada Law Journal is pleased to announce its symposium issue, Avoiding Disaster: Understanding, Mitigating, and Adapting to the Global Climate Crisis. This symposium will explore climate change: its causes and effects, current and potential legal solutions, and the implications of these solutions for our society, nation, and world.

Climate change has become one of the biggest threats to human life.  Across the world, the effects of climate change are manifest. Rising temperatures are fueling increasingly intense disasters, devastating large parts of the earth. Droughts are becoming longer and more extreme, causing food shortages. Floods are spreading disease and damaging ecosystems and infrastructure. Wildfires are intensifying, becoming more and more difficult to stop. Increasing ocean temperatures are causing more severe tropical storms. Animal habitats are being destroyed.

Climate change can occur through natural factors, such as volcanic eruptions, changes in the strength of the sun, and variations in Earth’s orbit. However, since the 19th century, Earth has been experiencing more rapid changes in the climate, due to human intervention. Humans’ continued reliance on fossil fuels to power their daily activities is just one cause of climate change. Other “man-made” causes of climate change include deforestation, the manufacturing industry, and massive overconsumption. Unfortunately, not only are humans causing climate change, but political polarization and deregulation are multiplying the problem. 

Swift action is imperative. Climate change, however, has become a controversial topic among scholars, practitioners, politicians, and the general public. Many are skeptical about climate change and the science behind it. It is important for practitioners and scholars to continue to drive the discussion of climate change with facts and evidence. It is imperative that skeptics are presented with the truth and understand the real danger Earth and its inhabitants are in if climate change is not taken seriously. 

This Nevada Law Journal issue seeks to explore the specific issues impacting climate change, proposals of how to best address these issues, and what implications these potential solutions may have moving forward.