The Nevada Law Journal invites the submission of unsolicited manuscripts regarding current legal issues of both local and national import from academics and professionals. However, the Journal does not accept book review submissions. The Journal is currently not accepting submissions from student authors. Submissions should be 10,000 words or more. Submissions of 3,000 to 6,000 words should be submitted to the Nevada Law Journal Forum at The Journal is currently accepting submissions for Volume 24 and will soon be accepting submissions for Vol. 25. Please submit manuscripts using our electronic submissions process, described below.

Electronic Submissions:

To increase the efficiency of the review process, please submit manuscripts to the Journal via Scholastica. Manuscripts may also be submitted via email at, however, Scholastica submissions are strongly preferred.

General Information:

Manuscript footnotes should conform to the standards set forth in The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (21st ed.). For further information concerning submissions, please feel free to contact the Journal's Lead Articles Editor at

Expedited Review:

If you receive a formal offer of publication from another journal, we will honor a request for expedited review. Please be sure to specify the journal from which you have received an offer as well as the date and time the offer expires.

Withdrawing Submission:

If you wish to withdraw your submission from review, please send an e-mail to or update your Scholastica submission. Please include your name, the title of your submission, and the reason for withdrawal.