Article  |  Forum | 2019-2020

The Incredible Edible: Protecting Businesses and Consumers in a Society of Legalized Cannabis

by Brandon M Thompson

This Article briefly discusses the history and origin of marijuana, or more precisely the cannabis plant, before branching into an examination of its chemical properties, forms, and uses. Including a concise survey of the various effects—including adverse side effects—of cannabis use. Additionally, it provides an introduction to products liability as it relates to drugs, in general, and then more specifically to the production and distribution of edibles. It will discuss some of the dangers that edibles pose to children. The focus will be primarily on issues with the marketing and presentation of edibles that have led to unintended cannabis consumption and, subsequently, symptoms of cannabis overdose. Finally, including a discussion of the current laws and regulations in Nevada, move to the author’s thoughts on their effectiveness and adequacy from a civil liability standpoint, and conclude with a discussion of recommendations to mitigate any perceived inadequacies.