White Paper  |  Forum | 2021-2022

Coming Full Circle: The Boring Company's Not So Boring Transportation Gamble with the Las Vegas Loop

by Tanner Castro, and Jorge Padilla

Las Vegas tourists and residents can soon travel in Tesla cars underneath the city in neon-lit tunnels in a project known as the Las Vegas Loop. The Boring Company—an American infrastructure and tunnel construction company founded by Elon Musk—is undertaking this “Teslas in Tunnels” project. The Loop plans to connect Downtown Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Strip, Harry Reid International Airport, and various other properties in the Vegas area. Boring seeks to offer a new form of public transit through the Loop to transport passengers across the Vegas area. This White Paper discusses the Loop’s development, compares the Loop to other forms of public transit, reviews different concerns surrounding the project, analyzes the Loop’s benefits and policy implications, and theorizes on the Loop’s future.

6 Nev. L. J. Forum 28 (2022).