White Paper  |  Forum | 2022-2023

Ready To Do the Difficult Work Ahead: The Legal Legacy of Senator Harry Reid

by Robert Lemus, and Sarah Voehl

This White Paper examines the legal legacy of Harry Reid, who served Nevada in the Senate for thirty years and rose to the position of Majority Leader from 2007 to 2015. Senator Reid's work on land and water policy, climate change, immigration, gaming, and labor deeply affected Nevada and the United States as a whole. Through his positions of leadership, he secured funding for critical infrastructure projects, protected public lands, championed renewable energy, passed the Affordable Care Act, fought for immigration reform, and advocated for labor and gaming issues. This paper concludes that Senator Reid's legal legacy is a powerful example of what can be accomplished through dedication, hard work, and a commitment to public service. By examining his life and legal work, forward-thinking Nevadans can learn valuable lessons about how to create positive change in their communities.

7 Nev. L. J. Forum 7 (2023).