Ranked among the top clinical law programs in the nation, the Thomas & Mack Legal Clinic at the Boyd School of Law provides practical legal experience to students. In the Mediation Clinic, students mediate a range of disputes, helping parties communicate and explore mutually beneficial resolutions. Law students complete an intensive training in mediation skills with the Clark County Neighborhood Justice Center and are versed in theories of conflict, negotiation strategy and mediation techniques. They are exposed to different models of mediation and adjust their mediation approach depending on the setting.


Facilitative mediation is an approach to mediation where the neutral mediator aids or assists the parties’ own efforts to formulate a settlement. The mediator is in charge of the process but the parties are in charge of the discussion’s content and its outcome. Facilitative mediators want to ensure that parties reach agreements based on information and mutual understanding. They want the parties to have the major influence on decisions made.


  • What happens if parties do not reach an agreement in mediation?
    If the parties do not reach an agreement in mediation, then the conflict will continue through the litigation process, resulting in a judge making a final decision for the parties.
  • How much does it cost?
    The Mediation Clinic offers free mediation services to the community. The family mediation program at the Family Division of the Eighth Judicial District is also free.
  • How long does mediation take?
    Mediation sessions last as long as the parties would like. It is recommended that participants set aside 3 to 4 hours per session.
  • How can I request mediation?
    Parties and their counsel can request mediation during their court proceeding or in a filed pleading with the court. You can also contact the Mediation Clinic directly at 702-895-2080.
  • Who is allowed to attend mediation?
    Clients decide who, in addition to themselves, should be present in mediation, such as attorneys, interpreters, or support people. As a general rule, those persons necessary for developing solutions to the conflict should be present. Who are the mediators? The mediators are Boyd faculty and advanced law students who are also trained mediators.


Contact Professor Lydia Nussbaum @ (702) 895-2454, lydia.nussbaum@unlv.edu