Student Life

Throughout the UNLV Boyd School of Law's history, its students have welcomed the opportunity to build a special sort of community, one which values cooperation, civility, mutual respect, and diversity, and in which all members seek to maximize the potential of themselves and one another.  The BSL student body comprises individuals of wide-ranging interests, backgrounds, and life experiences.  Working collaboratively, these individuals define and vitalize the student organizations and activities of the law school, as well as the traditions and culture surrounding them. View the current listing of BSL student organizations and officers.

In cooperation with the Associate Dean's office, students have the opportunity to develop any number of other organizations and activities that have relevance to the law school and enrich the experience of students.

Greer Sullivan

"Having a community and a support system has been absolutely essential while navigating the many changes that this past year brought. I have been beyond lucky to be a part of the UNLV Boyd community which has become an extended family for me while I have been separated from my biological family. Boyd Nation provides support from talented professors, engaged and caring administration members, and astounding future colleagues. With each new normal, I was more and more thankful that I decided to attend William S. Boyd School of Law two years ago. Although it at times feels like I have been in law school for an infinite amount of time, I am shocked that I am two-thirds of the way through my time at Boyd. I have been so privileged to be a member of the Boyd community for the past two years and could not be more grateful.

I have learned so much more than legal doctrine at Boyd. I have learned how to adapt to new circumstances within a system that is strongly rooted in tradition. I have learned how to create meaningful connections through a virtual format. I have learned how to alter tradition to accommodate a changing world and the diverse needs of the Boyd community. But the most important thing I have gained through my experience at Boyd is a commitment to the Nevada community. Through all of the incredible outreach that Boyd does, I realized that no matter the route I take after graduation I want to use my education to give back to the Nevada community that has given me so much. I hope to continue to foster the sense of community I have felt in all members of the Boyd community and tackle the countless new normals that we still face."

— Greer Sullivan, SBA President 2021-22