The Boyd School of Law offers attorneys and other professionals the opportunity to take, on a non-degree basis, upper-level elective law courses (numbered 600 or above) that would be of assistance to them in the performance of their occupational responsibilities. Non-degree students may take courses in which space is available after all J.D. students have had an opportunity to enroll. In addition, the instructor must approve the enrollment of a non-degree student in the course. 

Non-degree students who are enrolled in a UNLV post-baccalaureate program may take the course for a letter grade and apply the credits toward the post-baccalaureate program with the written permission of their program chair. These students must then participate fully in the course (i.e., do assignments, take examinations).

Non-degree students not enrolled in a UNLV post-baccalaureate program must take the course as an audit. These students do not take examinations or receive a grade in the course and do not receive academic credit toward a degree.

All non-degree students must have earned a bachelor’s degree from a four-year college or university. All non-degree students may take no more than two courses in any academic year. All non-degree students may not apply any course work taken on a non-degree basis to a law degree should they be admitted to a law degree program in the future. No more than a total of six courses may be taken under non-degree status.

Tuition: Non-degree students are charged in accordance with current law school tuition rates.

Withdrawals and refunds: Applications for withdrawal from a course taken on a non-degree basis must be made in writing to the Boyd School of Law registrar. Refund of tuition charges and fees will be made in accordance with the following schedule:

Withdrawal prior to the first day of classes100%
Withdrawal on or before the last day of the first week of the semester.100%
Total withdrawal on or before the last day of the semester mid-point.50%
Note: See BSL Academic Calendar for exact dates. 

Non Degree Student Application Form