Nevada resident tuition, full-time (12 or more credit hours):$29,960/year (exclusive of summer)
Nevada resident tuition, part-time (11 or fewer credit hours):$1,070/credit hour
Non-resident tuition, full-time (12 or more credit hours):$43,764/year (exclusive of summer)
Non-resident tuition, part-time (11 or fewer credit hours):$1,562/credit hour

In addition to tuition, law students will be charged the following fees:

Fees Per Semester:
Graduate Professional Student Association fee:$25
Study Abroad Scholarship Fund:$2
Rebel Recycling fee:$1
Student Health Service fee:$93
Counseling & Psychological Services fee:$50
Student Life Facilities fee:$223
International Student fee (F-1 or J-1 Visa):$145 
Health Insurance fee – Fall: (1)$1,309 (estimate)
Health Insurance fee – Spring/Summer: (1)$1,909 (estimate)
Fees Per Credit Hour:
Law Student Activity fee:$9/credit hour
Technology fee:$8/credit hour
iNtegrate Technology fee:$3/credit hour
Newspaper fee:$0.20/credit hour

(1) Mandatory Health Insurance Fee for Law students enrolled in 12 credits or more. For information and the waiver application process, visit UNLV's Student Health Insurance page.