Public Interest Fellowships

The Public Interest Fellowship Program offers financial resources, mentorship, and experiential learning opportunities to part-time and full-time students with strong academic credentials, a demonstrated record of community service, and a clear commitment to public interest work after graduation from law school.

Three broad principles underlie the Fellows Program: Community, Development, and Reflection.

Community: The Public Interest Fellowship Program offers its Fellows the opportunity to become part of a community of students, faculty, and advocates. The Program will bring this community together through seminars, reading groups, informal meetings and gatherings, conversation with public leaders in Nevada, activities in the Public Interest Law Association and similar organizations, and opportunities for the Fellows to present to faculty and other students.

Development: The law school will create opportunities and structures to support the Fellows throughout law school and to further develop their interests and leadership potential.

Reflection: Fellows will be expected to work at least one summer during law school for an organization that promotes the mission of public interest work. Fellows may select from a wide variety of opportunities, including state and federal legislatures, and offices of government and non-profit legal agencies. 

  • A one-half tuition scholarship for one year, renewable at one-half resident tuition in subsequent years, provided the Fellow remains in good academic standing. Fellows remain eligible for merit-based scholarship awards from the admissions committee up to the remaining one-half tuition;
  • Up to two $5,000 stipends in their second, third or fourth years at Boyd to support the fellow in public interest employment.  The stipends are in addition to salary the Fellow receives from a public interest employer.  One Fellow’s stipend is sponsored by the Forsman/Pescetta Fellowship Fund, established to promote public interest work in Nevada.  Each Fellow may have up to 2 paid $5000 stipends during his/her time at Boyd; and

  • Reasonable expenses to attend one public interest conference in the United States while the Fellow is a J.D. candidate.

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Nikki Harris, Associate Director of Career Development and Public Interest Advisor 
Christine Smith, Associate Dean for Public Service, Compliance and Administration