For William S. Boyd School of Law (BSL) Students and Alumni:

  1. BSL students and alumni may request reciprocity from only one law school in a geographic area per calendar year. This limitation is necessary to allow as many students and graduates as possible access to other law schools’ career services offices.
  2. Requests for reciprocity to any other law school must come from the BSL Career Development Office. Students must determine if reciprocity is available at the school and complete this form.  Access to online job listings at other schools depends on the individual school’s reciprocity policy.  View other law schools' reciprocity policies here.


For Students and Alumni from Other ABA Accredited Law Schools:

BSL is pleased to share its resources with students and graduates from ABA-accredited law schools.  Anyone requesting reciprocity privileges must follow the policies set forth below:

  1. Requests for reciprocity must be made by the career services office of the student or graduate seeking reciprocity.  Requests must be made by letter attached to email.  Please allow up to one week to process your request.  Requests for reciprocity should be addressed to:
Nikki Harris
Assistant Dean of Career Development
William S. Boyd School of Law
4505 Maryland Parkway, Box 451003
Las Vegas, Nevada 89154
  1. Services are available to students and graduates of those ABA-accredited law schools that allow BSL students and graduates similar services.  Generally, BSL adheres to a “one for one” policy in granting use of its services to outside students and graduates.  A request for reciprocity from another law school must be matched by a request for reciprocity from BSL before a second request will be considered.  A request for renewal will be treated as a new request.
  2. Reciprocity will be granted for a period of three months from the date on which reciprocity is granted, renewable once per calendar year.  Reciprocal services will not be provided to current students of other law schools during BSL’s fall on-campus recruiting period, August 1st through November 1st.
  3. For schools that do not provide BSL students with electronic access to current job listings, reciprocity will be limited to a temporary, one-week electronic account, which may be renewed once per calendar year.
  4. Reciprocity includes:
    a.  electronic access to current job listings.
  5. Reciprocity does not include:
    a.  participation in on-campus interview programs;
    b.  individual career advising;
    c.  access to BSL’s password-protected portal page; and
    c.  borrowing books from the Career Development Office's library.
  6. BSL’s Career Development Office reserves the right to deny or terminate reciprocity at any time, for any reason.