UNLV Clinic at Immigrant Heritage Month Dedication

Sunday, June 11, 2017

UNLV Immigration Clinic fellows Arléne Amarante and Laura Barrera represented the clinic at the Las Vegas Immigrant Heritage Month Dedication Ceremony in Las Vegas on June 10. Sponsored by the City of Las Vegas, Welcome.us, and Fileright.com, Immigrant Heritage Month is a nationwide effort to share inspirational stories of immigration in America.

UNLV is one of the country’s most diverse universities, at the heart of one its most diverse cities. The Immigration Clinic trains future Nevada lawyers to serve a community where many families are affected by immigration law, and channels the expertise of the Boyd School of Law in service of the local community. We take on some of the most complex deportation defense cases, typically in situations where no other legal aid would be available, representing both children and adult, and working for a fair and legal immigration system that serves the people of the diverse state in which we work.