What's Going On With DACA? -- Frequently Asked Questions

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Our University Legal Services Project is issuing this guide addressing major questions about DACA, as things stand right now. 

MOST IMPORTANT: We recommend that everyone with DACA consult with a lawyer about renewing DACA permits, even if your permit will remain valid for a long time. 

Unfortunately, the legal future of DACA is unclear, with complex pieces of litigation in different courts around the country. We recommend anyone with DACA or who might be eligible seek legal advice. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates as well.

The UNLV Immigration Clinic offers assistance with DACA renewal forms for Nevada residents FREE of charge. Assistance will be provided by volunteer law students and faculty at the William S. Boyd School of Law, under the supervision of the clinic's attorneys.

Call the Immigration Clinic at 702-895-2080 for more information or to make an appointment.