Las Vegas Survivors Project

What is the Las Vegas Survivors Project?

In response to the October 1, 2017 shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada, individuals and entities across the nation contributed more than $31.4 million to the Las Vegas Victims’ Fund (“Fund”). Beginning March 5, 2018, the Fund began distributing funds to approved applicants. These distributions range from $17,500 for one day of hospital treatment to $275,000 for death, permanent paralysis or permanent brain damage. 


The Las Vegas Survivors Project (“Project”) provides survivors access to free financial advice from over 40 financial advisors nationwide. Each financial advisor will provide at least four free hours of financial advice to a victim or victim’s family.


Why Should I Participate in the Project?

Research indicates that those that suddenly receive a large monetary sum often lose the sum within a few years. Recipients can work to preserve assets by obtaining professional financial planning advice. For example, a qualified professional can assist a recipient develop and pursue an appropriate financial plan.  


How can I Participate in the Las Vegas Survivors Project?

To participate in the Project, survivors need only contact a financial advisor listed at This list organizes financial advisors by state. Victims and their families may learn more about the Project by visiting