Managing stress during your first year of Law School

It would be safe to assume that during at least one point in your life you will experience stress. The more activities you take on, the more stress you will accumulate. Everyone stresses over different things, of course. It could be about a major test, your job, or about how exactly you will memorize the elements for Torts. Regardless, you will experience stress; if you magically somehow haven’t already!

Everyone handles stress differently, but I still wanted to introduce a few ways to manage your stress levels. Why? Because stress can negatively affect your body in a number of ways ranging from higher levels of anxiety and panic attacks, to stomach problems and headaches. (See WebMD for more information)

Now, here are three great ways to alleviate stress. Remember, do what is best for you when it comes to relieving stress and take time to explore the remedies!


I know that a lot of law students struggle with the balance of doing homework versus watching Netflix for several hours. Typically what goes through my mind is:

 “Well I finished my readings for all my classes, maybe I should take some time to relax…

Wait no! There must be more that I can do! Maybe a practice test or another outline or…”  

What we must all realize is that it is absolutely necessary for you to take a break and just RELAX. Like I said, there is a balance that you personally will have to wrestle with in order to figure out what works best for you. If you manage your time wisely, you can finish your homework and relax too!

Some other great ways to relax (even though watching TV is pretty awesome) include practicing yoga or meditation. Also, there are some great online tips on how to control your breathing during an anxiety attack.


Go for a run/walk/jog and if you want to socialize, exercise in a group or with a buddy. Consider joining Dean Durand and others when they do Fitbit Boydwalk, even if you do not own a Fitbit! If you do decide to exercise, make sure you are consistent on when you go- another great opportunity for working on time management. Routine exercise is essential to maintaining a happy life and dealing with stress. A great exercise session can not only improve your mood, but also allow for you to sleep better at night.

There is a trend to overeat when one is stressed. This is due to the comfort that certain foods would provide a person. For me, it would definitely be pizza! However, exercising, and a proper diet, is the best way to stay at a healthy weight.


I personally am very bad at exercising. In fact if you ever see me running, you should probably start running too! So how do I personally mitigate stress? Since middle school, I have always been heavily involved with extracurricular activities. Which means I was always stressing out over various issues, including finding the perfect rock for rock painting club. The best way I was able to mitigate my stress was by talking to others who were doing the same activities. This included those who had previously gone through my experiences. One great idea is to talk to family members, friends, etc. who are not in the same activities. They may not completely understand what you are going through, but a listening ear is perfect.

Always remember that you are not alone when it comes to stress. Just recently I found out I was not the only person to stress out over a particular reading. This is why I love our law school, because I can talk to my peers about my worries and, most likely, they are currently going through the same problems.

If you ever need more advice about stress management, or a friend to talk to, please feel free to contact me.

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