Cross-Cultural Communication in Negotiations


Wednesday, April 3, 2019 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm


Beverly Rogers Literature and Law Building - 4th floor-Faculty Lounge

Cross-Cultural Communication in Negotiations

Special insights that lawyers need to prepare for international negotiations with China: Minimizing Conflicts and Maximizing Gains

Wednesday, April 3, 2019
12:00 – 1:00 pm
Beverly Rogers Literature and Law Building
Fourth Floor Faculty Lounge

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Please join us for a topical discussion with Dr. Peter Chen, a Professor of the Department of Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics (FLAL) at National Taipei University (NTPU) in New Taipei City, Taiwan. Additionally, he holds positions as Featured Lecturer/Senior Advisor to the Center for International Negotiations and Interpretations (CINI) and as International Ambassador for the Office of International Affairs at NTPU. 
Dr. Chen received his Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin (UT-Austin) in Speech Communication and Rhetoric. Among his other major writings, Dr. Chen’s research was twice sponsored by U.S. Fulbright Research Grants: at the Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS) and the Scheinman Institute at Cornell University. Dr. Chen’s latest work is focused on an interdisciplinary book: A Handbook of English/Chinese Negotiation Interpretation.