Webinar-Issues Affecting Native American Communities During the COVID-19 Crisis


Wednesday, April 8, 2020 -
12:00pm to 2:00pm


Online Webinar

April 8, 2020
12:00 - 2:00 pm


Issues Affecting Native American Communities During the COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID 19 crisis is affecting Native American tribes and urban communities in ways that are unique to this population in terms of health challenges, economic impact and legal issues. This webinar will discuss how Native Americans are being impacted through this crisis both from a health perspective and an economic perspective. This webinar will be segmented into three parts: (1) First, there will be discussion of the provisions in the stimulus packages that are directed to Native communities; (2) Second, the panelists will discuss the unique health and operational challenges in both rural and urban Native communities; and (3) Finally, this webinar will address the economic and legal impact both in the short-term and long-term in tribal communities.

Welcome Remarks:
- Judy Perry Martinez – President, American Bar Association; Of Counsel, Simon, Peragine, Smith & Redfearn

- Kevin Allis – Chief Executive Officer, National Congress of American Indians
- Katherine Belzowski – Senior Attorney, Litigation and Employment Unit, Navajo Nation Department of Justice
- Stacy Bohlen – Executive Director, National Indian Health Board
- Elizabeth Coronado – Staff Attorney, Health and Human Services, Lummi Indian Business Council
- Jerilyn LeBeau Church – Chief Executive Officer, Great Plain Tribal Chairmen’s Health Board
- Dr. Charles W. Grim – Secretary of Health, Chickasaw Nation Department of Health
- Virginia Hedrick – Executive Director, California Consortium for Urban Indian Health
- Naomi Miguel – Professional Staff, House Committee on Natural Resources, Subcommittee for Indigenous Peoples of the United States
- Brian Newland – President, Bay Mills Indian Community of Michigan

- Mary L. Smith – Secretary, American Bar Association; Past President, National Native American Bar Association