Publications - Addie C. Rolnick

Publications - Addie C. Rolnick

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Book Contributions

Addie C. Rolnick, Indigenous Children, in The Oxford Handbook of Children's Rights Law (Jonathan Todres & Shani M. King eds., Oxford Univ. Press 2020).



Addie C. Rolnick, Defending White Space, 40 Cardozo L. Rev. 1639 (2019). 

Addie C. Rolnick, Resilience and Native Girls: A Critique, 2018 BYU L. Rev. 1407 (2018).

Addie C. Rolnick, Racial Anxieties in Adoption: Reflections on Adoptive Couple, White Parenthood, and Constitutional Challenges to the ICWA, 2017 Mich. State L. Rev. 727 (2017).

Addie C. Rolnick, Native Youth & Juvenile Injustice in South Dakota, 62 S.D. L. Rev. 705 (2017).

Addie C. Rolnick, Locked Up: Fear, Racism, Prison Economics, and the Incarceration of Native Youth40 Am. Indian Culture & Research J. 55 (2016).

Addie C. Rolnick, Recentering Tribal Criminal Jurisdiction, 63 UCLA L. Rev. 1638 (2016).

Addie C. Rolnick, Untangling the Web: Juvenile Justice in Indian Country, 19 N.Y.U. J. of Leg. & Pub. Pol. 49 (2016).

Addie C. RolnickTribal Criminal Jurisdiction Beyond Citizenship and Blood, 39 Amer. Indian L. Rev. 337 (2015).

Addie C. Rolnick, The Promise of Mancari: Indian Political Rights as Racial Remedy, 86 N.Y.U. L. Rev. 958 (2011).


Commentaries, Essays, and Reviews

Neelum Arya & Addie C. Rolnick, A Tangled Web of Justice: American Indian and Alaska Native Youth in Federal, State, and Tribal Justice Systems (Campaign for Youth Justice, July 2008).


Newspaper Articles

Addie C. Rolnick, Expansions to Nevada's Self-Defense Law are Unnecessary and Dangerous, Las Vegas Sun, March 15, 2015.

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