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Book Contributions

Anne R. Traum, Nevada Appellate Pro Bono Program, in Nevada Appellate Practice Manual (2016) (2d ed. 2018).



Anne R. Traum, Distributed Federalism: The Transformation of Younger, 106 Cornell L. Rev. 1759 (2021).

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Anne R. Traum, Last Best Chance for the Great Writ: Equitable Tolling and Federal Habeas Corpus, 68 Md. L. Rev. 545 (2009).


Commentaries, Essays, and Reviews

Anne R. Traum, Disaster Legal Aid: Learning From Las VegasPro Se Matters, Winter 2019.

Anne R. Traum, Southwestern Law School's Appellate Clinic is Recognized with Distinguished Pro Bono Service AwardPro Se Matters, Summer 2018.

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