Publications - Eve Hanan

Publications - Eve Hanan

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Book Contributions

M. Eve Hanan, Embodied Therapy for Clients Expressing Gender Variation: Using Creative Movement to Explore and Express Body Image Concerns, in Expressive Therapies for Sexual Issues 1, 1-38 (Sana Loue ed., Springer 2013).



M. Eve Hanan, Remorse Bias, 83 Mo. L. Rev. 301 (2018).

M. Eve Hanan, Big Law, Public Defender-Style: Aggregating Resources to Ensure Uniform Quality of Representation, 74 Wash. & Lee L. Rev. Online 420 (2018).

M. Eve Hanan, Decriminalizing Violence: A Critique of Restorative Justice and Proposal for Diversionary Mediation, 46 N.M. L. Rev. 123 (2016).