Publications - Joseph Regalia

Publications - Joseph Regalia

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Joseph Regalia & Noah D. Hall, Waters of the State, 59 Nat. Resources J. 59 (2019).

Joseph Regalia & V. Andrew Cass, Bringing Counsel in from the Cold: Reconciling Ethical Rules with the Quagmire of Insurance Defense Practice, 48 N.M. L. Rev. 452 (2018).

Joseph Regalia, Interstate Groundwater Law Revisited: Mississippi v. Tennessee, 34 Va. Envtl. L.J. 152 (2016) (with Noah D. Hall).

Joseph Regalia, The Common Law Right to Information, 18 Rich. J. L. & Pub. Int. 89 (2015).

Joseph Regalia & V. Andrew Cass, Navigating the Law of Defense Counsel Ex Parte Interviews of Treating Physicians31 J. Contemp. Health L. & Pol'y 35 (2015).


Commentaries, Essays, and Reviews

Joseph Regalia, Lines in the Sand: Interstate Groundwater Disputes in the Supreme Court, Nat. Resources & Env't, Fall 2016, at 8 (with Noah D. Hall).