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Encyclopedia of the Supreme Court of the United States (David S. Tanenhaus ed. in chief, Felice Batlan et al. assoc. eds., Macmillan Reference USA 2008).


Book Contributions

Pamela D. Tucker & Kay P. Kindred, Legal Considerations in Designing Teacher Evaluation Systems, in Evaluating Teaching: A Guide to Current Thinking and Best Practice 59 (James H. Stronge ed., Corwin Press 1997).

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Kay P. Kindred, School Violence, Bullying and Zero-Tolerance in a Post-Columbine World, (work in progress).

Kay P. Kindred, ART at Home and Abroad: Problems Facing U.S.-intended Parents Who Have Children Through Assisted Reproduction Technology Abroad, (work in progress).

Kay P. Kindred, Of Child Welfare and Welfare Reform: The Unintended Consequences When Contradictory Policies Collide, 9 Wm. & Mary J. Women & L. 413 (2003).

Kay P. Kindred, When Equal Opportunity Meets Freedom of Expression: Student-On-Student Sexual Harassment and the First Amendment in School, 75 N.D. L. Rev. 205 (1999).

Kay P. Kindred, God Bless the Child: Poor Children, Parens Patriae and a State Obligation to Provide Assistance, 57 Ohio St. L.J. 519 (1996).

Kay P. Kindred, When First Amendment Values and Competition Policy Collide: Resolving the Dilemma of Mixed-Motive Boycotts, 34 Ariz. L. Rev. 709 (1992).


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