Publications - Mary E. Berkheiser


Book Contributions

Mary E. Berkheiser & Stanley G. Feldman, Dissolution: Good Faith, Bad Faith – Who Gets the Fee, in Withdrawal, Retirement And Disputes: What You And Your Firm Need To Know (Edward Berger ed., 1986).



Mary E. Berkheiser, Developmental Detour: How the Minimalism of Miller v. Alabama Led the Court's "Kids Are Different" Eighth Amendment Jurisprudence Down a Blind Alley, 46 Akron L. Rev. 489 (2013).

Mary E. Berkheiser, Death Is Not So Different After All: Graham v. Florida and the Court’s “Kids Are Different” Eighth Amendment Jurisprudence, 36 Vt. L. Rev. 1 (2011).

Mary E. Berkheiser, Justice Miriam Shearing: Nevada’s Trailblazing Minimalist, 6 Nev. L.J. 156 (2005).

Mary E. Berkheiser, Capitalizing Adolescence: Juvenile Offenders on Death Row, 59 U. Miami L. Rev. 135 (2005).

Mary E. Berkheiser, The Fiction of Juvenile Right to Counsel: Waiver in the Juvenile Courts, 54 Fla. L. Rev. 577 (2002).

Mary E. Berkheiser, Frasier Meets CLEA: Therapeutic Jurisprudence and Law School Clinics, 5 Psychol. Pub. Pol’y & L. 1147 (1999).


Commentaries, Essays, and Reviews

Mary E. Berkheiser, Championing Children's Rights in Nevada, 2000-2015: The Thomas & Mack Juvenile Justice Clinic as Change Agent, 17 Nev. L.J. 331 (2017).

Mary E. Berkheiser, Medical Dependency in Arizona, 25 Ariz. L. Rev. 769 (1983).

Mary E. Berkheiser, Norris v. Arizona Governing Committee: Title VII’s Applicability to Arizona’s Deferred Compensation Plan, 24 Ariz. L. Rev. 1032 (1982).


Practice Oriented Publications

Mary E. Berkheiser, Dean's Column: Unchain the Children, 20 Nev. Law., June 2012, at 30.

Mary E. Berkheiser, Law School Gifts Keep Giving - Clinical Programs Train Students While Serving the Legal Needs of Ordinary Nevadans, 19 Nev. Law., Jan. 2011, at 36.

Mary E. Berkheiser, Legal Education Comes to Nevada: The Creation of the William S. Boyd School of Law, 19 Nev. Law., Sept. 2011, at 8.

Mary E. Berkheiser, Report of Death of Juvenile Death Penalty Not Premature, Las Vegas Rev.-J., Jan. 25, 2004.

Mary E. Berkheiser, The William S. Boyd School of Law Juvenile Justice Clinic, 9 Nev. Law., Aug. 2001, at 30.

Mary E. Berkheiser, Update on Boyd School of Law Clinical Programs, Communiqué, May 2001, at 18.

Mary E. Berkheiser, Supreme Court Of Nevada, Administrative Office Of The Courts, Nevada Domestic Violence Resource Manual (Legal Ed. 2000).

Mary E. Berkheiser, But What If You’re Not Dealt All of the Cards? A Response to Judge Hardcastle’s “On Playing Pinochle,” Communiqué, Nov. 1999, at 14.

Christine Smith & Mary E. Berkheiser, Pro Bono Service at the William S. Boyd School of Law, 7 Nev. Law., Apr. 1999, at 16.

Mary E. Berkheiser, Limited Representation: Helping Clients While Protecting Yourself, 7 Nev. Law., Feb. 1999, at 18.

Mary E. Berkheiser, Hard Calls Concerning Sexual Harassment: Recognizing It and Determining a Legally Appropriate Response, Ariz. Lab. Ltr. (1993).

Ed Hendricks & Mary E. Berkheiser, Where Were the Lawyers?, Litig., Summer 1992, at 30.


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