Publications - Nancy B. Rapoport



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Book Contributions

Nancy B. Rapoport, Ethics: Why We Must Play Well With Others (and Why We Don't), in Manual of the Advanced Public Lands Special Institute 587 (Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation 2017).

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Commentaries, Essays, and Reviews

Nancy B. Rapoport, Exemplary Legal Writing 2022 Books: Four Recommendations, 2023 Green Bag Alm. 270. 

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Practice Oriented Publications

Nancy B. Rapoport, Nuance or Necessity for Conflicts in Bankruptcy Cases?, Creditor Rights Coalition (June 5, 2024).

Nancy B. Rapoport, The Duty of Supervision in the Age of Generative AI: Urgent Mandates for a Public Company’s Board of Directors and Its Executive and Legal Team, Bus. L. Today (Mar. 26, 2024) (with Joseph R. Tiano, Jr., Joseph D. Wilson, & Steven Aquino).

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